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What Is A Bong Ash Catcher?

What Is A Bong Ash Catcher?

In order to keep your bong and its water cleaner for a longer period of time, you need an ash cleaner attachment. An ash cleaner adds filtration and prevents the resin and ash from making your water pipe dirty as quickly. With an ash cleaner, you will be ensured of a much cleaner smoke, a cleaner taste, and a better smoking experience.

As most bong users know, if your water pipe is not cleaned regularly, it can leave the sticky, hard to remove resin inside your pipe and make the water in your glass container not only smell nasty, but it will taste nasty too. The ash catcher is simply an extra filter that is designed to catch more ash and resin that will inevitably get sucked through your bowl, into your mouth, and into your lungs.

The ash filter is a double-jointed attachment that fits either into or onto the bong’s joint and the bowl and sits on top. Some ash catchers also use an additional percolator that will give another extra layer of smoke diffusion as well as helping to keep your water pipe and water even cleaner in the long run.

Why Invest In An Ash Catcher?

Beyond the obvious reasons explained about better cleanliness and taste, if you have multiple bongs, an ash catcher may be used on multiple water pipes either with or without additional fittings. The most popular ash catchers feature percolators that help diffuse the smoke as well as keeping the water pipe clean all at once.

In some cases, an ash catcher will only act as a water chamber to catch debris but will offer little in terms of cooling the smoke. Some dry ash catchers don’t use water at all and provide less drag when hitting on your pipe. Making sure the ash catcher fits your pipe correctly is most essential.

Choosing An Ash Catcher

As with any kind of attachment, you need to know a few specifics:

  1. You will need to know the angle of your water pipe‚Äôs joint. It normally sits at either a 90¬į or 45¬į angle. If the angle of the ash catcher you purchase is not correct, it will not work properly and the percolator will not work correctly.

  2. The size of the ash catcher attachment will either be 10mm, 14mm or 18mm. Make sure that you measure and pick the correct size or it simply will not fit.

  3. The gender of the joint in the ash catcher is also of utmost importance. The gender of the connection of your ash catcher will be either male or female. You need a female joint if it fits over the male joint of your bong’s pipe. You need a male joint if it fits inside your bong’s pipe joint. It would seem that most bongs have female joints that fit inside, although it is not unusual to discover that some have male joints. You can use different converters and adapters to change the gender of your bowls settings.

Even though it might seem a little more aggravation and trouble to use a bong for your smoking pleasure, it really isn’t any more trouble than continuously rolling joints for either your smoking pleasure or for medicinal purposes. In fact, if you are smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes it would seem to be a better alternative than smoking the herb rolled in paper overall as it is considered a much less irritating and cleaner way.

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