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What Is a Weed Hangover and Why Does It Happen?

What Is a Weed Hangover and Why Does It Happen?

Alcohol is the first association when we mention hangovers. But according to scientists and user reports, it seems that weed hangovers are a real thing, too.

Cannabis hangover happens eight to 24 hours after you’ve used marijuana. It’s common to smoke weed in the evening and feel this hangover in the morning. Here is what you should know about recognizing the symptoms and treating this problem!

What Could Cause a Weed Hangover?

Check out these interesting facts about the potential reason behind your cannabis hangover:

  • Marijuana affects each individual differently. You can ingest the same amount of weed as your friend and end up feeling much stronger effects of this plant.
  • The effectiveness depends on the cannabis strains. Higher THC content makes the plant stronger.
  • You stop using cannabis after a while. If you use marijuana daily for weeks or months, deciding to stop can cause a hangover.
  • The way you consume cannabis. Extracts and edibles seem to lead to weed hangovers more often.

You can decrease the odds of hangovers from occurring by smoking pre-rolls, but keeping consumption moderate is still crucial. Marijuana hangover comes down to overusing the plant. If you exceed your tolerance levels, you have a higher odds of experiencing hangover-like symptoms.

Cannabis Hangover Symptoms and How to Treat It

How do you recognize that you are dealing with a weed hangover? The most common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue – tiredness, and lack of energy are frequent signs of a cannabis hangover.
  • Brain fog – you might experience confusion and have problems focusing.
  • Headache – feeling that your head is hurting is another common symptom of a marijuana hangover.
  • Nausea – the good news is this sign is usually mild.
  • Dry mouth and eyes – many confuse this with dehydration.

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Best Tips to Treat Marijuana Hangover

The crucial tip to avoiding and treating cannabis hangovers is staying hydrated. You can drink water before and during using marijuana. But if that doesn't happen, the first thing to do once you wake up is to drink a lot of water. The experts suggest at least a couple of glasses.

You won’t feel eager to do anything, so you’ll need strong willpower. But there are ways to deal with cannabis hangovers faster. Here is how your morning should look:

  • Take a short walk. It helps to boost your metabolism and process any cannabis residue quickly. The brisk walk doesn’t have to be longer than 15-20 minutes.
  • Eat a strong breakfast. You want a balanced breakfast, but use a mixture of fiber and protein. Healthy foods like boiled eggs and leafy greens can help manage hangover symptoms better. Fresh fruit juice can be the perfect vitamin addition to your breakfast.
  • Take a shower. Use hot water to spread your airways and freshen up after you wake up from an evening of cannabis use.
  • Grab an OTC painkiller. It can help with a strong headache but don’t take more than a single medication. You can go with acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Use caffeine to increase focus. For example, if you are heading to work, you could use more alertness. Caffeine can give you that boost, but make sure to drink a lot of water, too.
  • Cold compresses and temple massages. These can assist in reducing your headache. Some people don’t appreciate cold compresses, and they might prefer hot therapy. Figure out which option is better for you and stick to it.

Weed Hangovers VS. Alcohol Hangovers

People who have experienced both will notice certain similarities. Alcohol and weed hangovers could lead to nausea, headaches, and problems with focusing. Depending on how you react, an alcohol hangover could also cause insomnia and body aches.

Although the symptoms are similar, the body has different reactions to two types of hangovers. Unfortunately, scientists didn’t conduct comprehensive research on the topic, so detailed information isn’t available.

Does Cannabis Cause Dehydration?

Some experts argue that dehydration is why you experience marijuana hangovers. They claim weed makes you more dehydrated than alcohol. Research doesn’t support this, although everyone agrees that staying hydrated is important to minimize the risk of a hangover.

Cannabis often leads to dry mouth, which is because THC decreases saliva production. According to studies, THC binds to submandibular glands. These glands produce saliva, and THC inhibits that production. As a result, your mouth doesn’t make enough saliva, leading to a dry mouth.

But cannabis doesn’t have to be the only cause of dehydration. If you are smoking, you need to elevate your fluid intake. And you might not be consuming enough water at all. The experts recommend 2.7L (11.5 cups) for females and 3.7L (15.5 cups) for males.


Cannabis hangovers can happen to first-time and experienced users. It’s hard to predict it because it depends on different factors. Fortunately, there are ways to manage marijuana hangover symptoms. If you stick to the tips from this guide, you’ll experience relief and get back in full shape sooner. It takes a bit of willpower, but you’ll appreciate the effort once you feel better!



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