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What is Live Rosin and How Do You Use it?

What is Live Rosin and How Do You Use it?

You've probably heard a lot about how great live rosin is, but you might still have a major question: what is live rosin?

There are many different varieties of weed concentrates, but solventless live rosin is a delicacy.

what is live rosin

Out of all the forms of THC concentrates, it has the fewest unnatural chemicals, which makes it the strongest and tastiest. Rosin is pure, natural weed that's been processed with heat and pressure.

If you're ready to dive into the delicious world of live rosin, keep reading to learn what it is, how it's made, the best ways to smoke it, and all the tastiest methods for how to use rosin wax.

What Is Rosin?

It's only natural to wonder, "What is rosin?" Basically, live rosin wax is a concentrated version of weed that's made without any solvents. 

It's a tastier version of bubble hash, and it looks like a thick, crumbly toffee instead of translucent glass, which sets it apart from traditional shatter dabs.

Live rosin takes a lot more work to produce, as live rosin production creates smaller yields than solvent-based methods, making it rare on the modern marijuana market.

Still, just because it's rare doesn't mean it's weak. Rosin has much more potency than your average marijuana bud. 

The best way to make the most of rosin's power is to vaporize it. There are many vaporization methods, but the most common is "dabbing." 

what is rosin

There are better and worse ways to dab rosin. The best of the best is a cold start rig like the HAMR by Myster. It's the perfect, all-in-one solution. The HAMR is equally great for dabbing regular rosin and live rosin without scorching it.

Live Resin vs. Rosin Concentrate

Before we go any further, it's important to note the differences between live resin vs. rosin. These two words sound very similar, but there are some significant differences.

Live resin is butane hash oil. It's made using the solvent butane, so it's never solvent-free. It's considered "live" because it's made from fresh bud or trim. 

The plant matter is frozen immediately after harvest and before it's processed. Freezing it keeps the terpenes and cannabinoids from breaking down, so live resin is known for having fresh flavors. However, it's also prone to having a chemical aftertaste because of the solvents.

On the other hand, live rosin is also made entirely without solvents. It's produced with pressure and heat, which makes it "cleaner" and chemical-free. Live rosin is made from flash-frozen buds, so it has all the terpenes without any nasty chemical tastes because of its purity.

When it comes to dabbing, rosin is the way to go. It's purer and tastier since it's made without solvents. You don't get any gross aftertastes from the butane. It's even better for your health since you aren't inhaling any nasty chemicals, period.

Live Rosin vs. Rosin (Regular)

The other crucial distinction is the differences in live rosin vs. rosin. Not all rosin is "live." 

Regular rosin is any marijuana extract that's made with pressure and heat instead of solvents. The weed flowers are dried and cured; then the terpenes are collected and melted in a pressurized heater. 

This is known as the full-melt bubble hash method, and it produces crumbly, safe THC concentrates with high purity. That's why it's so popular with many smokers. 

Still, live rosin goes even further. "Live" basically means that the cannabis used to make an extract was never dried and cured. It was frozen right after harvesting, so the flavor and scent profiles of the resulting rosin are as fresh as possible. 

The drying process inevitably degrades the terpenes and cannabinoids in weed, so live rosin will always have fresher flavors than regular rosin. That's why live rosin is one of the most coveted cannabis concentrates available on the retail market. 

Think of it this way: if you had to choose between orange juice made from fruit fresh from the tree and juice made from dried powder, which would you pick? Fresh just tastes better.

How to Use Rosin

So, it's clear that rosin is the tastiest form of cannabis extract, but that's not the only benefit. Learning how to smoke rosin is also better for your health. 

Since rosin is solvent-free, it's much better for your lungs than any other hashes or waxes. You're not inhaling the solvents, just the pure plant extract.

The next question is how to use rosin to get the full effect. Rosin is so much more potent than marijuana bud that it would be a shame to waste the THC. That's why the best way to smoke rosin is vaporization with a high-quality dab rig.

How to Smoke Rosin

If you've never dabbed before, don't worry. Dabbing rosin isn't hard. Dabbing is just vaporizing a THC concentrate on a heated surface.

A dab rig makes this easy. Dab rigs are smoking devices that contain vapor and provide a heatable surface known as a nail. 

The HAMR Cold Start Concentrate Rig comes with a glass nail, which offers steady and even heat.

How do you actually dab with a cold start rig? It's easy:

  1. ‌Place your live rosin on the nail of the dab rig. 
  2. ‌Use a butane torch to heat the nail for about 20 seconds. You should see the rosin disappear as it evaporates.
  3. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and take a few slow breaths.

‌If you're ready to start smoking rosin, the HAMR is the only tool you'll need. It comes with everything from a slick butane torch to a convenient carrying case. It's efficient, compact, and perfect for making the most of your live rosin.

Do You Need a Dab Rig to Smoke Live Rosin?

You don't need a dab rig to smoke live rosin. There are multiple other smoking methods for extracts, such as twaxing (adding rosin to dried bud and smoking it) and edibles.

However, dabbing is the most efficient method because it contains the vapor and ensures you get the complete hit.

Why? Because you're vaporizing the rosin, not burning it. When you smoke live rosin with other methods, you're accidentally destroying some of the good stuff by literally burning the terpenes and cannabinoids. You'll get a "scorched" flavor. 

With dabbing, you vaporize the wax at a much lower temperature. This means dabbing creates a much smoother hit without destroying the flavor and THC of the live rosin.

Other Ways to Use Live Rosin

One alternative method you can use is "twaxing." This is the process of mixing your rosin (sometimes called wax) with dried bud in a tool like a bong or a pipe and smoking it. 

If you don't have a dab rig yet, this can be a good stop-gap method, but it's not the most efficient. Some rosin is burnt and destroyed, while even more is released into the air and lost.‌

Otherwise, you can make the rosin into butter and cook with it. Edibles are definitely more efficient uses of rosin, but they're still not ideal. Traditional edibles are sweets like brownies and candy. The stronger flavor of rosin doesn't always blend with the taste of your food.‌

Of course, for some people, edibles are the easiest way to use weed concentrates. Still, if you don't like the feeling of smoking, you may like dab rigs. The lower temperature and better flavor may change your mind. If you have live rosin, it's worth trying out a dab rig since that's how live rosin is meant to be used.

How Is Live Rosin Badder Made?

Live rosin is made without solvents from freshly frozen plants, but what's the actual process for making live rosin badder? There are five main steps to the process:

  1. ‌Marijuana plants are cut down, and the iconic fan-shaped leaves are removed.
  2. ‌Marijuana flowers are trimmed off and frozen immediately.
  3. ‌Frozen flowers are then placed in super cold water and stirred vigorously to rinse loose the trichomes, which contain the most terpenes and THC.
  4. ‌Water is filtered through finer and finer mesh bags until everything but the trichomes is removed, resulting in "bubble hash."
  5. ‌Bubble hash is freeze-dried, then squeezed in high-power presses until it sticks together, resulting in rosin.

‌The final result is some of the best, tastiest, and highest-quality cannabis extract available.

Live Rosin Prices — Is it Worth it?

You may have noticed that live rosin prices are usually higher than prices of other extracts. There's a good reason for that. 

The live rosin manufacturing process is time-consuming and doesn't create as much concentrate as methods that use solvent. Live rosin makers need to buy more weed to make the same amount of live rosin, so of course, live rosin prices are higher.

However, the benefits are worth it. Smoking live rosin or taking badder dabs will get you higher faster than just about any other kind of cannabis product. Live rosin is just that potent. 

How strong is live rosin? Well, some manufacturers test their live rosin's potency at 75-85% cannabinoid content and 4-15% terpenes. That means that more than three-quarters of rosin's makeup is nothing but pure, refined cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and most of the rest is the terpenes that make it so delicious. It really is nothing but the good stuff.

Furthermore, live rosin is the best option for your body because of its purity. Other extracts will always contain trace amounts of butane or other solvents. If you smoke or eat those other extracts, you're consuming potentially dangerous chemicals. Using rosin removes those risks because there are never any solvents used, ever.

Other benefits of live rosin include:

  • ‌It has a lower melting point, so it's perfect for dabs.
  • ‌It's usually hand-made by manufacturers who care about quality.
  • ‌Since it's solvent-free, it's better for people who use medicinal cannabis because it won't aggravate their conditions.
  • ‌It's the concentrate that's most similar in flavor and effect to the cannabis plant.

Live Rosin Wrapped Up

Now you know everything you need about what is live rosin, making live rosin, and how to use rosin. You're prepared to go into the world and get the experience only solventless live rosin can offer. 

When you know how to smoke rosin, you can ensure that you're getting the most out of your live rosin badder. 

By using a tool like the HAMR cold start rig, you guarantee that you're tasting nothing but the best terpenes and cannabinoids possible.

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