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What Makes A Perfect Cannabis Toolkit – 6 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

What Makes A Perfect Cannabis Toolkit – 6 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

The legalization of marijuana has created unprecedented opportunities for cannabis products. The vape and edibles market has grown multifold in quality and variety over the last few years, to the extent that the edible market in Washington and Colorado now offer gourmet cannabis-based treats. 

If legalized cannabis puts a smile on your face, it's time to celebrate by indulging in some retail therapy.

Let's take a look at some of the coolest cannabis products that are a must-have for every weed lover to make a part of their cannabis stash.

A Weed Grinder

A grinder tops the list when it comes to the best smoking accessories. It's no surprise considering that the grind's quality can make all the difference to your smoking experience! You cannot roll a decent blunt without a well-grinded mix. Additionally, it helps you the surface area of the cannabis flower, resulting in a better high.

However, not every grinder works as it should! Buy a poorly designed product, and you'll have the precious buds all stuck inside only after two turns, and that be downright heartbreaking (not to mention an expensive waste). 

Check out our products for functional and aesthetically pleasing grinders. Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a storage area that's more than enough for the avid smoker, these grinders work well and look classy on your coffee table.

Odors Bags

If you've ever lit up a joint where you aren't supposed to, the chances are that you're aware of how hard it is to get rid of the telltale smell of weed. While cannabis connoisseurs embrace the odor wholeheartedly as a part of the experience, it isn't for everyone.

Others in your home or dorm may not be fans of the distinct aroma. And that makes odor bags the coolest cannabis products you can buy!

You can now easily take a walk in the park with your bag of weed with new skunk bags. These commuter bags are specially made for storing weed products that can dampen the strong cannabis odor and make transporting weed a lot easier!

You could also try these Magnetic Storage Pods that can easily hide under your metal table or over the fridge, and no one would be any wiser that your stash is hiding in plain sight!

Storage Containers

Ball and mason jars are a common choice for stoners looking for ways to keep their stash fresh. The good news is that these can be easily purchased at your local store. However, if you leave the lid even slightly open, there is a chance that you may not find the cannabis flower as fresh as you left it.

So why not invest in something that's built for the purpose? If you're the kind to have different strains for different moods, this classic stash box is perfect for you! It functions as an elegant storage box with a few dividers inside to hold different strains. 

The best part? You can flip it and carry it around like a big, black book.

Remember those magnetic storage pods we mentioned earlier? They also work well as add-ons to your Stashtrays.

Beaker Bowl Glass Pipe

Bongs are the ultimate choice for good combustion. When you smoke through a filter such as with a blunt or joint, you're filtering out most of the carcinogens leaving behind a fruitier flavor of flowers. If you are looking for something strong, fast, and convenient, nothing beats the bong!

Myster's Beakerbowl glass pipe is a 2-in-1 chic accessory with a flat base preventing it from tipping over! Whether you are with friends, at a college party, or having some me-time, this perfect beaker bowl glass pipe is ideal for enjoying your favorite strains while also prioritizing safety.

Glass Cleaning Solution

This goes without saying that a glass cleaning solution goes well with a bong, glass pipe, or a beaker bowl. Cleaning your glass materials allows you to ensure clean equipment that gives you the perfect high.

You can either concoct a cleaning solution yourself or save yourself the trouble and get the Formula 420 Original Cleaner, which cleans and deodorizes the glass in seconds.

To Conclude

With a million weed smoking accessories online, it is only natural to get swayed by all of them. However, the products mentioned above are the craziest in the market.

So be sure to keep a lookout for these and other marijuana and weed accessories online. You could always trust us at GetMyster for the hottest gifts and stocking stuffers for the proud stoners in your life. Or you could gift yourself some… we aren't judging! 

Written By: Ian Haynes

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