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What Makes the Ideal Vaping Experience

What Makes the Ideal Vaping Experience

You’ve heard countless stories of how cool vaping is and have finally decided to join in on the craze. Like any new vaper, you start by investing in an electronic cigarette and vape juice. Everything appears fully set. You assemble your vaporizer, fire the device, and begin to vape away. 

But something doesn’t feel right. And no matter how many adjustments you make to your vaporizer, you don’t seem to be getting the most out of your vaping experience. Some of your vaping sessions end up being outright horrible. So much that it gets you wondering whether vaping isn’t for you. 

Well, you’re not alone. Numerous vapers are constantly searching for that ideal vaping experience. In this post, we highlight the tips to implement if you wish to vape like a pro.

What’s An Ideal Vaping Experience?

The phrase “ideal vaping” means different things depending on who you ask. The differences in meaning primarily rely on a vaper’s experience level, including new, intermediate, and pro. 

A vaper’s desired effects may also influence their perception of what an ideal vaping experience is. In this respect, we have vapor-inclined vapers (known as cloud chasers) and flavor-inclined vapers (known as flavor chasers). 

But despite these differences, certain conditions must be satisfied for a vaping experience to be deemed perfect. Some of those requirements include:

  • Optimal vapor production
  • Optimal flavor production
  • Minimal-to-moderate nicotine effects
  • Suitable vaping temperature
  • Favorable airflow
  • Smooth throat hit


How to Achieve a Perfect Vaping Experience

Go Slow On Nicotine

Nicotine is the primary chemical in tobacco famous for its addictive properties. It also happens to be a common vape juice ingredient. 

If you’re a vape with a history of cigarette smoking, then you’ve probably already established your ideal nicotine dosage. But if you’re new to this compound, the convention is to start with vape juices formulated with lower nicotine potencies. That will lower the risks of nicotine addiction and dependency, as well as the chemical’s other health implications

The good news is that vape juices come with varied nicotine strengths. You can easily choose a product depending on your nicotine tolerance. 

What’s more, some e-juice manufacturers now experiment with synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine refers to artificial nicotine that’s free from other toxins present in the natural tobacco plant. Feel free to before ordering your next vape juice.

Check Your VG: PG Ratio

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) make up the two base liquids in all vape juices. The former is a plant-based extract, whereas the latter comes from petroleum. Both compounds impact your vaping experience in a particular way. Vegetable glycerin is mostly added to enhance vapor production. That makes it a perfect choice for cloud chasers. 

On the other hand, propylene glycol helps to carry e-juice flavors. So, flavor chasers are more at home with PG-based e-juices. For new vapers, the conventional wisdom is to start with a VG: PG ratio of 60: 40. 

Choose a Vape Juice in Your Preferred Flavor

This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s difficult to enjoy your vaping sessions if the e-juice you’re inhaling doesn’t produce your favorite flavors. While there are numerous vape juice flavors to experiment with, it’s best to determine what works best for you. This makes more sense if you’re a new vaper. 

Experts also recommend going for e-liquids formulated with one base flavor instead of those containing a host of flavors. Common e-juice flavors to start you off include vanilla, strawberry, banana, tobacco, and lemon. Most importantly, remember to change your e-liquid flavors often. Vaping similar flavors much longer might trigger a phenomenon known as vaper’s tongue, where you temporarily lose the taste of your e-juice.


Insist On a High-quality Vaporizer

With thousands of vaporizers out there, it’s often difficult to tell high-quality vape devices from substandard ones. However, you can up your chances of buying a quality electronic cigarette by dealing with reputable vendors. 

Do some digging to establish the reputation of a retailer before purchasing your e-cig from them. This also applies to vape juices.

Implement the Right Settings

Getting a premium-quality vaporizer isn’t enough. You must also implement a few settings to achieve your ideal vaping experience. 


Vaporizers don’t work by combustion. That said, the volume of air flowing into the device can impact your vaping experience significantly. Higher airflow usually translates to lower vapor and flavor production through heady glass. That’s because vapor shoots out of the coils much slower when exposed to more air. The converse is true for lower airflow.


Your ideal vaping temperature depends on the specific vape device you’re using. Earlier-generation vaporizers like cigalikes operate under considerably lower temperatures than later-generation devices like vape mods. 

However, most pro vapers agree that anything between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius would be ideal. Very low temperatures can result in reduced vapor and flavor production. On the other hand, too high temperatures might produce a burnt feeling, inducing a harsh throat hit. 

The perfect vaping temperature also depends on the vaping materials. For instance, it’s easier to vaporize e-juices than dry herbs or wax concentrates. The latter would require the more powerful dry herb vaporizers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your vaporizer not only enhances its longevity. It also allows you to experience ideal vaping sessions each time. The frequency with which you clean your vaporizer depends on how often you use it. For moderate usage, cleaning all components once or twice a week will suffice.

In the same breath, replace your vape accessories as often as required. Pay particular attention to the coils.


Final Word

Achieving an ideal vaping experience depends on the quality of the vape accessories used and the specific settings you implement on your e-cig. As a parting shot, remember to vape in moderation, as chain vaping may be detrimental to your health in the long run.

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