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Which Nail Is Right for Me

Which Nail Is Right for Me

Concentrates have grown in popularity among cannabis users. They offer potent hits of THC that can make even the most advanced smoker feel good for hours with just one toke. 

Choosing the right nail to meet your needs is key to achieving the ultimate dabbing experience. Here's everything you need to know about dab nails so you can pick the right one for you!

What Is A Dab Nail?

The nail bridges the gap between you and the concentrate, allowing you to achieve a great high. A dab nail is essentially a dish that slides into your dab rig’s downstem. 

The concentrate sits on the nail and gets heated with a torch. Once the nail reaches temperature, the concentrate combusts and releases THC-rich vapors! 

Its vapors will travel through the downstem, into the chamber, through the mouthpiece, and into your lungs. 

Suffice to say; dab nails are an integral part of having a safe and enjoyable dabbing experience. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each type of nail for your dab rig!

Dome vs. Domeless 

The nail sets the tone for your dabbing session. Its materials and ergonomics are crucial to the nail’s performance. 

There are two main categories of dab rigs: dome and domeless.

Dome rigs cover the top of the nail, creating a contained environment that helps prevent vapor from leaking out. They also help retain and distribute heat to provide a smooth and consistent dabbing session. 

Domeless lids are larger dishes, which are great for dabbing large concentrates in party environments. These types of nails also take less time to heat up, making them great for high-temperature dabs that promote a quick high. 

Types of Dab Nails

Knowing the difference between dab nails will make choosing the right one for you easier. Here are the pros and cons of different nails for dabbing. 


Quartz nails are the most common dabbing tool. Also known as quartz bangers, these instruments heat up quickly. You'll be sucking down big hits of wax in no time with these nails!

Just as they heat up quickly, they cool down fast, too. That makes quartz bangers ideal for smaller pieces of shatter and shorter smoke sessions. 

This option is also easier for dabbers who want to pack their tools up not too long after taking a hit.  


Titanium nails take a little longer to heat up than quartz bangers. These metal tips also retain heat. So, plan to stick around a bit after dabbing.

You'll want a titanium tip for long dabbing sessions that feature decent-sized moonrocks. Light titanium nails on medium to low temperatures to savor the flavors of your concentrates.

Titanium is nearly indestructible, which makes this type of nail a long-term investment. However, titanium oxide build-ups do occur with time, which will impact the functionality of your nail. 


Ceramic nails are ideal for dabbers who love the nuanced flavors of their waxes. They heat up at the slowest rate of these materials. 

These nails retain heat for a long time. They're the perfect nail for binge-watching TV on a rainy day. 

Concentraties (the cannabis industry’s version of foodies) love ceramic nails. With a slow combustion rate and low temperature dabbing, you can really distinguish berry, hoppy, and floral notes in your cannabis concentrates. 

Ceramic nails can crack with time. While the material is non-toxic, cracked nails can cause build-ups prone to bacterial growth. They must be cleaned regularly. 


Glass dab nails are the cheapest option, but they also are prone to breaking more often. With that said, they are excellent at preserving flavor. 

When using glass nails, ignite at a low temperature. Low temps will bring out the wax's natural flavors. They'll also prevent the glass from shattering. 


Electronic nails are a great option for people who don't want to deal with the pressure of using a butane torch. Enails also allow you to choose the temperature you desire to heat your concentrate. 

Experienced dab users like this option because it allows them to explore which setting is best for their high or taste preferences. Meanwhile, novices appreciate the torchless experience. 

Which Dab Nail Is Right for Me?

No matter which dab nail you choose, every option will do the trick. With time and experimentation, you will figure out your preferences. Once you unlock that knowledge, the dabbing possibilities are endless!

Newer dabbers should get a sturdier material than glass for their first experience. While glass is affordable and great for flavor, inexperienced users are susceptible to shattered glass in their shatter!

A titanium nail is a great intro  dabbing. It takes a little while to heat up, giving novices extra time to prepare for this new and exciting experience. Since the temp is a bit lower, the dab user will also discover the various flavors in their concentrate.  

Now that you know the differences between these materials, it's time to choose the right dab nail for you. Happy dabbing!

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