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World Health Organization Declines Rescheduling Cannabis

World Health Organization Declines Rescheduling Cannabis

By Dalton Rosario

With the progressive strides in cannabis legalization as of late, it may come as a surprise that the World Health Organization (WHO) declined motions to reschedule cannabis as an illicit, dangerous drug with no medical benefits. The International Cannabis Policy Conference was hosted earlier this week at the United Nations Headquarters, where the WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence determined that more time would be needed to conduct a thorough review for cannabis rescheduling given that the provided catalogue of research highlighting its health benefits also shows indications of adverse side effects.

THC and CBD derivatives are commonly accepted for their improvements to overall wellness. Particularly for PTSD, chronic pain, nausea and sleep related deficiencies; however, lasting side effects of memory impairment and cognitive disorders related to prolonged use in individuals who are genetically pre-disposed to conditions like psychosis caused the WHO to appeal for more time before making a final determination.

Although representing a halt in the positive sloping momentum for the global cannabis market, this decision by the WHO should not be looked at as an outright failure for the movement towards international legalization. Rather it is a call of action for the continued worldwide mobilization of quantitative research conducted for the betterment of healthy cannabis use and the recognition of its holistic benefits for improving quality of Life.             

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