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5 Benefits Of Blending CBD & Magic Mushroom

5 Benefits Of Blending CBD & Magic Mushroom

At present, CBD has become a natural alternative to all stress coping techniques. Besides, its innumerable benefits establish it as a health-promoting agent. But CBD is not the only wonder element. There is another organic product that is emulating the rise of CBD- the Magic Mushroom. With almost similar health advantages, both these ingredients individually are leaving a mark. But what happens when you combine these two? Do they enhance the health benefits? Let’s find out. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychotropic component of Hemp plants that focuses on healing several health conditions. Symptoms associated with diabetes, cancer, pulmonary heart disease, anxiety-related disorders, epilepsy are only a few examples CBD edibles have a therapeutic effect on many other somatic and mental issues. Growing researches are supporting this compound as a potential one-stop solution for health and well-being. 

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Also called Shrooms, Magic Mushrooms are wild or cultivated fungi. It contains the psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound Psilocybin. Research reveals that small doses of this active component psilocybin can positively affect mental health and wellness. It can reduce depression, elevate mood, help treat addiction, improve mental health, and relieve many chronic psychiatric conditions. Ongoing researches are extensively focusing on the psychedelic study to popularize the therapeutic potential of this drug.

Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

As both share similar properties, CBD and Shrooms together can enhance the benefits of both. Here are five such health benefits that will make you consider having them as an alternative health supplement. 

Helps To Feel Good  

Shrooms and CBD affect neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin that helps in elevating mood. Both compounds affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain to regulate thought processes and improve mood and perception. Additionally, shrooms are best known for ‚Äėdissolving ego‚Äô and can cause a lasting change in the personality. Users claim it increases the openness of mind related to creativity, imagination, and aesthetic appreciation. Blending both can thus help to alter mental state to feel good.

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Decreases Anxiety And Depression 

CBD is a well-known drug that can treat anxiety and depression. CBD can cope up with anxiety-related disorders and is an effective and natural alternative to regular antidepressants. Like CBD,¬†psilocybin¬†decreases the levels of both and induces a long-lasting effect on the users. Results from the clinical trial show, with a single dose of this compound, patients dealing with depression and having suicidal tendencies show considerable improvement. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has, therefore, granted psilocybin therapy a ‚ÄėBreakthrough Therapy‚Äô status for depressions that are resistant to treatment.¬†

When combined with low doses of shrooms, CBD can increase the psychedelic effect of the former. They both can regulate the emotional reaction to fear and anxiety and lead to mental relaxation and socially connected life. 

Treats Addiction

Magic mushrooms and CBD together may fight addiction. Although CBD is touted for treating the withdrawal symptoms of addiction, including insomnia, nausea, seizures, and anxiety, studies show shroom microdosing is equally effective in ceasing the side-effects of addiction. Many users report the synergistic effect of both has a calming effect on the mind by eliminating anxiety. Many top CBD companies are thus getting involved with magic mushrooms to treat depression and addiction. Trying Magic mushroom Canada with CBD products help to obtain the benefits of both the compounds and may treat alcohol and smoking cessation or other substance use disorders.  

Reduces Pain

CBD is better than any opioid for pain management. It can ease the discomfort related to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other conditions where the common pathway is chronic pain. Interestingly, magic mushrooms are also emerging as an alternative pain management drug. A few research has linked psychedelics with the reduction of chronic pain related to headaches, tinnitus, phantom-limb pain, and other conditions. As both compounds can affect the brain areas that reorganize the pain pathway, combining shrooms with CBD may produce better pain management, although more research is still required in this field.

Promotes Mental Health

Similar to CBD, magic mushrooms can reduce stress, may help in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and ease other psychological conditions. It leads to a calm state of mind, positive perception, and reduction in demoralization. Psilocybin can improve the overall mental health by inducing greater flexibility in the brain, allowing creativity, as well as treating insomnia at night.  Using shrooms with CBD may control your thoughts, boost your memory, and help to focus on the present rather than lingering in negative emotions. 


Combining magic mushrooms and CBD can be a pleasant and beneficial experience. The combination is safe with the non-psychoactive CBD balancing the very small doses of psilocybe cyanescens . Moreover, they may complement each other and support immunomodulation to promote homeostasis. However, this is a novel combination and requires more in-depth research. So If you are curious about this blend, know the right dose, or start low for a satisfactory outcome. 

Written By: Ross D.
8 comments on 5 Benefits Of Blending CBD & Magic Mushroom
  • Summer

    Is this included with cbd ? If not, What kind of cbd should I get?

    November 02, 2022
  • Summer

    Is this included with cbd ? If not, I’ll hat kind of cbd should I get?

    November 02, 2022
  • Lina

    Hi can anyone help me Hill I have a son who has refractory epilepsy meaning his whole brain is active would this benefit him if anyone can help me in anyway I’ll be so grateful many thanks x

    July 01, 2022
  • Jason

    They both have such incredible benefits. Been helping me so much with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Been using them separate so far but I’ve been really thinking about trying them together. So thankful for this post!

    April 26, 2022
  • Sam Lucas
    Sam Lucas

    To the guy above (or gal) ‚Äď hemp CBD does nothing. Im on marijuana CBD and mushrooms rigjt now and its great. The book ‚ÄúCBD‚ÄĚ by juliana birnbaum explains why hemp CBD isnt enough.

    April 20, 2022
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