5 Cannabis Strains For Boosting Immunity

5 Cannabis Strains For Boosting Immunity

The human body depends upon immunological functions to stay away from diseases and health derangements. Your immune responses determine the frequency and the severity of the diseases. Also, a well-functioning immune system ensures lesser microbial attacks and inflammatory disorders. You can use various strains of medical marijuana to boost immune reactions and achieve salubrity. Some popular immune-enhancing strains of cannabis are harlequin and sour diesel. Also, you might consider the other variants to ensure safe and sound immune pathways. Make sure to research more about the benefits of cannabis strains to speed up the endocannabinoid system activity and suitable antioxidant action.

Here are the top cannabis strains that help you strengthen your immune system and achieve a disease-free state.

1.   Harlequin


Here’s the perfect blend of cannabis strains that boost your immune system and keeps the microbial contamination at bay. Harlequin is a potent immune-enhancing cannabis strain that possesses Sativa components. Also, it arises from the combination of Nepali Indica, Thai Sativa, and Swiss Sativa. Due to the high levels of cannabidiol, it incorporates top-notch health benefits in your body. The ratio of CBD and THC of 5:2 is quite reliable to instill relief from pathogenic diseases. You can use the Sativa strains to boost focus, energy, and immune responses. Along with this, it may help in uplifting the mood and curb depressive episodes.

2.   Grape God


If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that enhances the levels of immune cells, then you might take refuge in the Grape God strain. It’s an indica-dominant strain that contains around 18% of THC only. Due to CBD’s dominance, it may accelerate the endocannabinoid system’s functions and boost your immune health. Also, the strain is quite palatable and infuses an indulgence of grape coupled up with bubblegum. Most people use this strain to get rid of chronic painful conditions and injuries. But, it shows promising results in reducing infectious diseases and controls the inflammatory pathways of the body. Hence, you are less likely to suffer from inflammation and related medical conditions.

3.   Sour Diesel


Another Sativa dominant strain that accelerates the immune functions in no time is the Sour Diesel Strain. It contains high cannabidiol levels and around 27% THC content that aids in euphoria and analgesic effects. Also, it proves to be of use as an antiemetic aid and controls the nauseous states. You are likely to experience a lemony and earthy essence due to this strain’s citrusy tasting notes. Upon acting on the neurological levels, it can boost your energy levels and incorporate dreamy states. Other than this, the strain may also enhance your immune pathways and control the depression-like conditions without any hassles.

4.   Cannatonic

Immune functions depend upon the right neurological processes and the action of the endocannabinoid system. Cannatonic is a cannabis strain that arises from the combination of MK Ultra and G13 Haze. Also, it contains high levels of CBD and only less than 6% THC content. Such chemical constituents ensure a relaxing and calming high that incorporates health benefits in no time. Also, Cannatonic is an excellent anti-inflammatory strain that controls the signs of inflammation right away.

The perfect blend of Sativa and indica ensures an optimistic, energetic, and calming high. If you’re a neophyte in the cannabis world, then the strain is quite reliable to start with. Also, it boosts your immunological pathways and ensures a smooth cytokine response.

5.   Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web is one of the best cannabis strains to ensure the immune system’s proper functions. With around 17% CBD content, the strain works quite well in immunological ailments and autoimmune disorders. It acts on the endocannabinoid system and reacts with the receptors present in your brain. Further, the endocannabinoids induce top-notch immune responses and control the oxidation reactions due to free radicals. Not only does it boost our immunity, but it also helps in controlling epileptic conditions. On top of this, the lemony and citrusy essence of this strain is too good to be true.

Make sure to reduce medical conditions like parkinsonism and fibromyalgia using this cannabis strain. You must also get your hands on the authentic strains from a reliable marijuana dispensary to achieve the most benefits.

Bottom Line

Cannabis is a potent immunological agent that boosts the cytokine responses and ensures a healthy immune function. You can use the various cannabis strains that speed up anti-inflammatory actions. Also, it can help in increasing the activity of white blood cells and keep infections at bay. Some top-notch cannabis strains like the harlequin, charlotte’s web, and sour diesel are quite reliable for preventing opportunistic infections. Also, make sure to get your hands on the authentic and suitable strains that induce a healthy immune reaction. Not only can it increase your ability to fight off the microbial attacks, but it may incorporate a salubrious immune response.


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Written By: Grace Hawkins

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