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5 Essentials For The Perfect Summer Cannabis Road Trip

5 Essentials For The Perfect Summer Cannabis Road Trip

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to load your car and set out for an adventure with your friends and family. The weather is pleasant, and the days are bright, so you can roll down the windows to enjoy the breeze in your hair or even soak up in the sun. While a road trip is a perfect way to spend your summer, you can make it better by enjoying cannabis through it.

Do you plan on hitting the open road and travel far and wide? Do you want to enjoy a puff or two along the way? Dive right in to find out the essentials you need for a perfect summer cannabis road trip.  

Things you need on a summer cannabis road trip

Over the last few years, cannabis has emerged as a buzzword. With increasing legalization and skyrocketing popularity, the herb is venturing into open spaces. If your idea of an enjoyable road trip includes using cannabis, make sure you take the following essential things to help you enjoy it more:

1.       Ashtray

If you’re heading on a road trip and plan to smoke cannabis either along the way or reach there, you will need to take care of the waste you generate. Be it as roach, ash, or any residue of cannabis, you wouldn’t want to scatter it around. You must carry a portable ashtray with you to help you collect the waste and keep it safe until you find a place to dispose of it. 

Using an ashtray will keep your car clean, prevent you from leaving traces of your cannabis adventures, and decrease the chances of unintended fires from burning butts. If you want to ensure your vehicle’s safety during the road trip, make sure you also take along GoPro roof rack mounting brackets

Photo by Terre di Cannabis on Unsplash

2.       Stash bag

A true cannabis connoisseur will not leave on a road trip without taking their favorite smoking accessories. When you start packing for a cannabis road trip, you will want to keep your favorite strains, roach and rolling paper, your favorite lighter, grinder, rolling tray, ashtray, and other accessories. While you may want to take everything along, you must also figure out how you will store everything. 

If you’re worried about the same, a stash bag will help solve all your worries. It comes with an airtight zipper, glass cups of varying sizes, and tiny compartments to store all the essentials. No matter where you head to or what you plan to do, your stash bag will keep everything safe.

3.       Weed grinder

If you’ve ever tried to break down the cannabis bud with only your hands in a moving car, you know how much hassle it can be. You don’t have to go through the trouble and make the process each with a weed grinder. It is a compact device that allows you to evenly grind the buds of the cannabis plant and then roll them up in a joint or blunt to smoke. 

It comes with accessories that help you get out the crushed cannabis and a cover that can help you save up the extra for later. Some grinders even come with a travel bag, which can be ideal for you to take along the road trip.

4.       Rolling tray

Rolling a proper joint is an art that requires plenty of practice. While you might have perfected the art of rolling joints, it might not be an easy feat in a moving car. To make the task more convenient, you can take along a small and compact rolling tray. It must be spacious enough to cover all the cannabis you need but small enough to carry around easily. 

Besides that, you must look for a rolling tray that comes with a cover. It will keep everything intact even when there is a sudden gust of wind and ensure your efforts and the herb doesn’t go to waste.    

5.       A joint holder

For the ones who like to pre-roll their joints, a joint holder is a must-have travel accessory. A joint holder tends to be sturdy, water-proof, and keeps the joint safe from squishing during your travel adventures. Besides that, you will always have a joint ready to light up, even though you are busy hiking or swimming. It might also save up time and effort to roll a joint in the outdoors. Depending on your usage and frequency, you can take along one or more joint holders for your next cannabis road trip. 

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

For a cannabis lover, no ‘trip’ is complete without enjoying a puff of their favorite strains of the herb. If you fall into the same category, you must head out for a cannabis road trip this summer with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Ensure you pack all the things mentioned above in your luggage and ensure you have a stress-free time while enjoying cannabis during your adventures.   


Written By: Rebecca G. 

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