Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels
Marijuana edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. While they have risen in popularity recently, edibles aren’t really new. Humans have long been incorporating cannabis into their diets—from ‘bhang,’ a traditional drink in India, to the humble pot brownie...
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Image by John Miller from Pixabay
As society keeps evolving, medical science is now more accepting of alternate ways of treating diseases. Marijuana has been used by healers all around the world for centuries due to its calming effects on the nerves. Long term use of...
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Photo by Moussa Idrissi from Pexels
Whiskey and weed are the two elements of adulthood that help survive the stressful week. Combining both is one of a kind experience when done right. However, if you don’t follow certain precautions, things may get out of hand. The...
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