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5 Indicators That Show the Need to Change Your Vape Coils

5 Indicators That Show the Need to Change Your Vape Coils

Vape coils are that replaceable component of the vaping device, which plays a critical part in heating the e-liquid. Its optimal functioning helps you enjoy the ultimate pleasure of vaping and keeps your device in top condition.  

Unfortunately, its lifespan is limited and needs replacement at regular intervals, depending on your volume and frequency of vaping. But the time to change needs to be bang on. An early coil replacement would prove too expensive, and changing late would destroy your device and vaping experience. Here, we highlight those five tell-tale signs that indicate the need to change the vape coil.  

The Taste of the Juice is Not as Expected  

The heart and the soul of vaping are the varied flavors available. Sometimes, you might not get a burnt taste but an awful and funky tasting flavor. You might think of the ‘off’ flavor as a nasty juice, but it is often due to a damaged vape coil. Replacing the vape coil would restore the taste of the juice. For the same, it is best to purchase fresh e-juices from best online vape store

Another issue that comes with old coils is lingering flavors. As the coil gets old and about to expire, it holds on to the flavor of the e-liquid. When you switch flavors, you get hints of the old flavor in the new one—changing the coil yields the purest and best flavors.  

For the same reason, we recommended that you use separate vape coils for different flavors.  

Burnt Taste in the Mouth 

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It is perhaps the surest indicator that the vape coil needs to be changed. Sometimes, you might get a burnt taste due to the deposition of vape gunk on the coil or overuse of the vaping device for a long time. 

Foremost, clean the vape coil and then try vaping. The burnt taste would vanish, but it would be temporary and short-term. You will get the burnt taste again, regardless of the type and flavor of e-juice you are using.   

If you continue with the old vape coil, you will not only lose on the flavor and cloud formation, but it would gradually damage your vaping device irrevocably. Hence, you must change the vape coil immediately on experiencing a burnt taste in your mouth while vaping.  

Gurgling Sounds When Vaping 

Every time you take a drag, a strange gurgling sound is a strong indicator that the vape coil has gone bad. The sound might also come due to a leak in the vaping device, or the vape tube has become damaged.  

When you hear the gurgling sound while vaping, change the vape coil immediately. If the sound continues after that, you would need to change the vape tube. However, if the gurgling sound persists, you might need to replace the vaping device.  

Poor Vapor Cloud   

Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

Apart from flavors, dense vapor clouds are a prerequisite for a satisfying vaping experience. As the coil nears its death, the vapor density starts degrading. This is because the coil has a crucial role in heating the e-juice and converting them into vapors.  

A new or an occasional vapor might not notice poor production straightaway. But gradually, depending on your vaping rhythm, you would see that vaping is no longer satisfying you the way it did. If you change the coil, you will find your satisfaction coming back.  

Leaky Vape with Excess Gunk Build-up  

A leaky vape is not only a waste of your e-liquid, but it is also very messy to clean up. One of the biggest causes of a leaky vape is an old coil. A coil remaining inside the vape coil for longer than necessary fosters a leaky condition. Moreover, it also triggers an excess build-up of vape coil gunk, a black crust formation on the coil. You can easily spot it by flashing a light on top of the coil head.  

Other indications are when the vaping device is getting too hot or has been a long time since you changed the coil. Changing the vape coil will make the problems disappear in thin air.  

How to Replace a Vape Coil  

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If you experience any of the above, changing the coil is the best way out. Here, we outline the basic process of changing the vape coil that every vaper needs to master perfectly. The changing process can vary slightly depending on the type of vaping device you are using.  

To change the coil, you need to first unscrew and remove the battery from the tank. Next, flush the e-liquid into a sink alongside running water for better clearance. Now, spread some paper towels and turn the vape tank upside down on it. You will spot a metal cap on the bottom of the tank. Unscrew it and then unscrew the visible coil head. Wipe the area with a dry cloth and screw a new coil onto the metal cap. The tank should also be cleaned well and then dried. Now screw back the coil and then assemble back the tank and the battery. 

Now, you can fill the tank with the fresh e-liquid and enjoy the ultimate experience and pleasure of vaping.  

Wrapping up  

Coils are an all-important element for a perfect vaping experience. It also plays a critical role in the health of your device. Hence, it must be cleaned regularly and changed at the right time. We hope you can now know the exact time to change the coil by recognizing all tell-tale signs. 

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