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5 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch High

5 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch High


One of two situations is going to happen. The first is that you’ll spend the whole movie trying to posit what is actually happening. This will stop your friends from smoking with you again. The second situation is that you’ll spend the whole movie not understanding anything, which will fluster you. Weed is about relaxing and having fun, not being fully confused by Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt.


This movie might seem cool to watch while high at first. It’s a crime movie with fun, lovable characters. For the most part it tends to be. Then there is a baby climbing on the ceiling and you’ll never have that image out of your head. That baby will pop into your head when you go to light up again, and it just isn’t worth it.


If you’ve read any article or opinion piece or tweet thread about someone who thought it would be a great idea to get blitzed and watch CATS, you already know how much of a poor idea it is to smoke weed and watch this movie. Even if you love the movie, which I am sure someone did, you’ll be seeing some horrifying moments that will make you burn the TV.

The Happening

Some people like watching cheesy horror movies while smoking weed, but this M. Night Shyamalan flick might have you staring down your weed a little too hard. If you don’t know, the killer is eventually revealed to be plants who are mad at humans. Cut to you apologizing to your fern for smoking his brethren. It just doesn’t end happily for someone who is baked.

Most Cop Movies

Even if you aren’t a paranoid smoker, or you live in a legal state, you might want to refrain from most cop movies. Movies like Training Day or Beyond Two Pines, where the cops are a little too realistic could trigger something in your mind and have you second-guessing whether the siren is on the TV or if they’re coming for you.

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