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5 Severe Delta-8-THC Side Effects You Must Know

This year, delta-8 THC, a new marijuana relative, burst onto the national scene. It is an improved form of THC in the Marijuana family. It comes as a vape or an edible, and the state of trance is similar to a moderate form of traditional marijuana.

In terms of chemical structure—three carbon rings, a long tail, and several hangers-on—and psychological effects, delta-8 THC is similar to delta-9 THC, the critical active component in marijuana.

The way they originate is the main distinction. The raw marijuana plant contains delta-9. Delta-8, on the other hand, comes from hemp, a cannabis plant that has been cultivated to produce fiber, biofuel, and bioplastics without the psychotropic THC.

Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC-8, Delta-8-THC) is popular with digital sellers because it avoids the laws that apply to its cousin, cannabinoid Delta-9-THC. It is possible to synthesize it from CBD oils, resulting in a high profit margin. Not to mention the intoxicating effects and how customers cannot get enough of it. Is THC-8, on the other hand, risk-free?

Even though Delta-8-THC originated in the early twentieth century, consumers, researchers, and regulators have only lately become aware of it. Surprisingly, there is hardly any awareness about its safety profile, particularly in vape pens and edibles. The research is on a small scale in most instances.

What is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8 is a cannabis component that has grown in popularity due to its resemblance to delta-9 THC, the primary ingredient in cannabis that causes euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom alleviation, and other effects. The majority of cannabis cultivars have high levels of THC. Chemical structures and terms are the only similarities between the two cannabinoids. 

Delta-8 is an acronym for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also known as delta-8 THC. The effects of delta-8 THC are comparable to those of ordinary delta-9 THC, although they are significantly less powerful.

The legality of delta-8 is currently unclear. Hemp or cannabis may mix to make it. Hemp may now be cultivated and extracted legally across the United Areas, thanks to the 2018 agricultural bill, making delta-8 lawful in states where delta-9 THC is illegal—in some cases. Almost all Organic delta8 THC on the market today is made from hemp-derived marijuana, making it, at least in principle, part of a federally authorized supply chain.

People in places where THC is under ban want cannabis products, and delta-8 may be legal in their state, even though it is less potent than ordinary THC. To fulfill the gap between demand and supply, several hemp-based extractors are scaling up delta-8 production. It also is exported from the country to across the world.

 5 Severe Side Effects of Delta 8 THC

Mouth dryness

One of the most prevalent adverse effects of smoking cannabis flower, whether Delta 8 or Delta 9, is cottonmouth or dry mouth. You will most likely feel parched as long as the Delta-8 molecule is present and active in your body. Many individuals drink a lot of water when taking Delta 8 to avoid this. However, a widespread misunderstanding is an occurrence of dehydration; this is not the case. It occurs as a result of the impact of enzymes on your salivary glands.

Dry eyes

It might not be a surprise to people who wear contact lenses. Consider how it feels to have left your eyes open for a minute. It includes continuously rubbing your eyes, trying to restore some moisture. However, like dry mouth, this lasts as long as Delta 8 is present in your system. This feeling of dry eyes will go away as the impact wears off.

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Though Delta 8 alleviates paranoia and anxiety when consumed, consuming too much of it might make you feel jittery. Even though Delta 8 is said to have some of the psychotropic properties of Delta 9, ingesting large amounts of anything might create anxiety. When Delta 8 became legal, a uniform dose was also made available. However, if someone decides to go too far, they will almost certainly face negative consequences. Furthermore, because everybody is different, the effects of Delta 8 may vary from person to person. It is one of the reasons why Delta 8 must be under consumption in modest doses. It takes a bit for it to kick in, so the user should have an effective dose plan.

High-level trance state

Some individuals claim that Delta 8 gives them lightheadedness since it contains psychoactive chemicals, but they are not as potent as THC. It implies that anyone who has this experience is likely to become too concentrated on all of their ideas. On the other hand, they may find it hard to focus and start zoning out.

Inability to concentrate at work

It may be troublesome. However, it is dependent on when you consume Delta 8. It is best to accomplish this in your spare time rather than while you are busy with work. Because Delta 8's recognized effects are to relax you and give you a "high," it is understandable that taking it during work hours might interfere with your productivity. Delta 8 may affect your cognitive and physical abilities, making it difficult to regain your attention.

Is It Legal?

Delta-8 THC is not technically prohibited, as we previously said. Here, we will look at some of the most complicated legal issues that surround this drug.

Several cannabis businesses openly market Delta-8 THC as a legitimate method to get high. That is technically correct, yet it is still a subject of contention for some. For one reason, it is not a prohibited drug. While Delta-9 THC comes under a blanket ban by federal and few state legislation, Delta-8 THC never comes under it. However, more to the point, many supporters will refer to the 2018 Farm Bill. This law made numerous industrial hemp products, including Delta 8, lawful on a nationwide basis.


Because Delta 8 is so new, there has not been enough study to determine the long-term effects it may have on you. The side effects we have mentioned are mainly short-term, and the customer will notice them within a few hours after ingesting Delta 8. Monitor your dose and eat according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned adverse effects, you should be patient and try not to be too concerned. They will only stay as long as you are high and then fade away.

The risk and benefits of Delta 8 products are balanced, and under controlled doses, it might well be the perfect alternative to other Marijuana products. Delta 8 can also cure the widespread opioid crisis in several states of the United States of America.

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Im 50. Been smoking for over 30 yrs.
Delta8 Is a nice standby when you can’t get the good stuff.
I don’t see why people are hating on it.

Bob Jones

I have been a daily user of D8-THC-O-Acetate (plus weed and others) for just over one year. This has become one of the very best parts of my life. I have freedom for the first time from so many maladies. It saddens me to hear or read about people’s negative experiences with D8. My only negative is a fact of nature: tolerance. I usually have to take a day or two and abstain. I generally become irritable and my anxiety starts to return. By day two, my old dysfunctional self returns and I must vape from my collection to recenter myself. Unfortunately, this isn’t long enough to reset my cannabinoid receptors. The 2018 Farm Bill is up for renewal this year. I hope the status quo will be held.


I smoke a lot of weed. I was raised around weed. Most of my family is into weed, even the old folks. When I say old I mean old compared to me, I’m in my 50’s. DON’T USE SYNTHETIC CANNABINOIDS.
I thought I’d save a little cash and try D9.o, Delta 8, and HHC. Well it didn’t work. delta 8 feels weird/spaced out not high. D9o jacks my BP up big time, causes chest pain, doesn’t kick in for 30 minutes after vaping, and causes random psychedelic occurrences, ie as I read a posted handbill I notice it’s cycled through several colors. HHC is bad too, it feels somewhat like weed with a high blood pressure attack but if anything causes anger/aggravation it leads to a weird runaway cardiac response. I thought I’d have an aneurysm in the grocery store because some old geezer was slightly being a jerk.
None of this stuff is weed. It seems dangerous. Don’t use it. I don’t even trust the hemp-derived delta 9 now though I’m still possibly open to the idea of an A/B comparison to the 100% natural stuff.

JH Malone

People often tell me, “Don’t take too much of it” when I ask about the effects of an edible, whether a THC-9 cookie or a THC-8 gummy. I have a reasonably strong tolerance for THC-9, having smoked small doses of flower for many years. So, a 10 mg gummy has little or no effect on me. My approach has been to take a small dose, give it an hour, then bump it up another 5 mg and that’s usually the trick. But every cannabis user is unique.

Poetdro Jameson

I have smoked marijuana for 55 years now and never had any experiences like people writing into this forum have experienced. However in my youth I took LSD. You just never knew what you were taking. Several of the trips I had were similar to the terrible effects people have shared here. Sounds like Delta 8 can be as dangerous to people as LSD can be. Whoa.


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