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5 Tips To Pair Whisky With Weed

5 Tips To Pair Whisky With Weed

Whiskey and weed are the two elements of adulthood that help survive the stressful week. Combining both is one of a kind experience when done right. However, if you don’t follow certain precautions, things may get out of hand. The main constituents of both substances, alcohol, and THC react differently with the body and may cause adverse effects when consumed together in high amounts. But it’s not like there is no way to enjoy your bud and drinks together. You have to understand the science behind the two substances and be smart about your decisions. If you have already tried smoking a blunt while drinking whiskey, you know that things may get a little hazy sometimes. 

However, if you are keen on opening that bottle of ark crystal and smoke your favorite joint, here are five tips for doing so.

Know Your Types

    The first step is to know what type of whiskey and weed suits you. For instance, if strains with high THC levels make you paranoid or scotch whiskey makes you gag, it’s better to avoid those. It is always smart to experiment with the combination of weed and whiskey with the types you know will suit your body. 

    Avoid making the mistake of winging it by having several drinks of any whiskey and smoking a fat blunt with high THC levels. You might wake up with one of the worst hangovers of your life the next morning. The same applies to any other alcoholic beverage like rum, vodka, etc.
    Photo by Lucas Fonseca from Pexels

    Moderate Consumption

      Once you have figured the types of whiskey and weed suitable for you, it’s time to know the levels. Your body may tolerate more amounts of whiskey or weed when consumed alone. However, keep in mind that even small quantities of both substances may get you high when combined. So it’s always better to experiment with small amounts of both substances and observe how your body reacts to them. 

      Do not consume whiskey and weed together in the same quantities that you would consume separately. However, if things start getting out of hand, it may be better to call it a night. Also, make sure to drink slowly, especially when you are smoking weed simultaneously.

      Staying Hydrated

        Here’s another crucial tip for combining whiskey and weed. Both alcohol and weed are dehydrators leaving you weak and nauseous. Moreover, you are now partaking in the act of combining the two deadliest dehydrators. So make sure to consume plenty of water while you are drinking. Your body needs more fluids when dehydrated. So naturally, we go for the next round of drinks resulting in a vicious cycle. 

        A rule of thumb is to consume a glass of water for every one-round of alcoholic beverages. Doing so will less likely make you feel sick and nauseous the next morning. 
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        Smoke First and then Drink.

          The most common doubt many people have is whether to smoke weed or drink whiskey first. Most people assume it is better to have a few rounds of whiskey and hit a fat blunt. Doing so may result in adverse effects. According to studies, alcohol increases the THC absorption in the body resulting in higher THC levels. So even if you smoke one blunt, the high may be equal to three to four blunts. 

          However, on the other hand, smoking weed before drinking may be a smart decision. THC slows down the absorption of alcohol, which means you may start feeling tipsy in a while, not immediately. That also results in lower blood alcohol (BAC) levels in the body. So, it is always better to smoke marijuana and then indulge in some whiskey when mixing both.
          Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

          Keep Munching on Snacks

            Always ensure that you do not drink on an empty stomach. The best thing is to have a meal at least 2 hours before heading out for the party or the night out. Drinking on an empty stomach will pass the alcohol from the stomach to the small intestine. Alcohol gets absorbed rapidly in the bloodstream, when in the small intestine. 

            The best way is to keep having snacks and other oil-free foods along with the whiskey. That way, you can avoid faster alcohol absorption, which starts affecting various cognitive functions.

            Final Thoughts

            Those were the five tips for combining whiskey with weed. The cross-fading experience of alcohol and weed high can be fun. But only if done in the right way. Be a judge and indulge only in the type of alcohol you know your body can handle. The same goes with the weed strains as well. 

            The best way to judge the limit when combining whiskey and weed is by using the minus one technique. For instance, if you can handle four drinks without weed, then minus one to avoid any adverse effects. 

            Written By: Rebecca G.

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