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Zen Moments

Zen Moments

 A lot of people often live their lives in one place and wishing they were in another. Perhaps we’ve all experienced it. We go to work, do said work, drive home, briefly see our families, sleep, then do it all over again the next day. And the next. And the next. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.

 We know what it’s like to try to stop and take hold of moments that are passing by whether or not we’re ready for their departure. We’ve all sat at a desk, wishing we could get away, even for just a few moments. For cannabis users, that’s part of why smoking endures. And has for centuries.

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 Cannabis helps so, so many to slow down, rest and be at peace, even if for just a few moments. And it’s not just the college students that are partaking and creating new rituals. It’s moms, dads, front desk employees, CEO’s, scientists and probably only God knows how many elected representatives!

 But for far too many, the risks that come with being known or being seen with weed make the prospect of smoking when they would like to and unlikely probability.

 The Fogpen helps with this. Designed to look like a well-balanced and elegant writing instrument, it allows you to discreetly vape or quickly smoke on the go, day in and day out. For those who need a shot in the arm daily, or hourly, the Fogpen makes it possible. It allows us to experience our freedoms in a manner and time of our choosing, not another’s. And for anyone concerned about appearances,( aren’t we all ) this item is nicely and elegantly camouflaged as an everyday office tool.

 So don’t worry. Be happy, as the song says. Enjoy your days. Find your own “Zen moment”, and let the worries and cares wash away and out of your mind, even if for only a little while.


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