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When will the USA get legal cannabis?

When will the USA get legal cannabis?

A new Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans support legalization of recreational marijuna use for the third consecutive year.  A significant majority of Americans have supported legalization of Medical marijuana for many years.  Increasingly, recreational legalization is becoming a mainstream position held by a broad range of advocacy groups and policy makers.  

Influential conservative think tank, the CATO institute, calls legalization a ‚Äúno-brainer.‚Ä̬† Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is currently leading polls in New Hampshire for the Democratic primary, supports ending the national prohibition against marijuana. The newly elected Canadian government is expected to legalize recreational use federally in the next two years.

Support is not universal, to be certain. The White House still strongly opposes recreational legalization.¬† Out of the 14 major players in the current US presidential election, 6 are staunchly opposed, 7 remain unclear, and only 1 has professed reticent support.¬† For the candidates with undecided views on legalization, they largely suggest a ‚Äúwait and see‚ÄĚ approach observing how Colorado and Washington fare.¬† After two years, recent polls show continued majority support in Colorado where legalization measures have passed (not to mention an additional 70 Million in tax revenue - nearly twice that of alcohol).¬† The momentum, it would appear, is building in favor of legalization.

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