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A Handheld Dab Rig with Built in Torch that Saves: Time | Money | Dabs

A Handheld Dab Rig with Built in Torch that Saves: Time | Money | Dabs

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, from losing our wand to not being able to find our torch - sometimes dab rigs can really suck.

In comes the HAMR handheld dab rig, with a silicone base to hold your wand, torch, carb cap, and rig - oh but that’s just the beginning.

Handheld Dab Rig

The HAMR is the first ever handheld dab rig with built in torch that is not electric. Meaning you won’t have to reap the horror stories of defective atomizers, short circuiting, and dealing with burned coils or batteries.

As someone who has been dabbing for over 14 years, I have yet to come across a torch rig that saves money, concentrates, and has zero setup time.

Keep reading to learn how the HAMR handheld rig elevates your dabbing experience with it’s slanted pipe, SABR torch, and the premium bubble cap.

How the HAMR Handheld Rig Changed the Game

This rig boasts a lot of features that impressed me off rip (pun intended). 

ÔĽŅThe HAMR is serves a high-class cold start dab rig.¬†

With cold and hot start options it really leaves it up to the user on how they want to smoke. Its slanted dab pipe is optimized where reclaim is much easier to collect, saving you money and concentrates.

(Cold start option offers maximum flavor from your concentrates.)

Let’s talk about some of the premium highlights on what makes this dab rig with built in torch, the ultimate concentrate tool.

Dab Rig with built in torch

Dab Rig with Built In Torch 

We can all agree that the torch is an important element in the dabbing process. 

The HAMR is equipped with the SABR torch which by itself is an entirely different product with it’s own specs.

Dabbing with a standard torch is difficult as you need a firm grip, angle and aim, and then you have to hold down the trigger to light. The SABR is set right beneath the nail and with a roll of a dial the flame is on and off.

Not only that, you can control the flame with the dial and easily observe your butane levels through the fuel gauge window. 

Myster went above and beyond as you can set your flame levels prior before actually turning on the SABR, which means that with a flick of a dial you have the perfect flame settings every time when you dab.

Keep in mind the SABR has a quad outtake (four streams of flame) and you can heat your banger much faster than a typical torch, making the heat up process faster than electric - which is a huge plus! 

You will also find that you will get quite a few uses out of this torch before ever having to refuel it, allowing you to have more dab sessions.

The Most Convenient Handheld Dab Rig Ever

Dabbing and Convenience typically don’t go hand in hand.
The innovative design of the HAMR allows for the fastest setup time possible in any handheld dab rig. 

No more reaching on counters for wands, torches, and caps, as all these items are located in the silicone base so you can focus on what matters the most: your dab.

The HAMR is the first handheld dabber that you can light up without having to hold a torch or have someone else hold a torch for you. This actually allows you to pay attention to the concentrate burning, giving you a much more precise burn.

The easy-to-clean silicone base allows for all your dab tools to be accessible from one spot so you never have to take your eyes off the concentrates - which helps you prevent overheating and wasting any concentrates.

Did I forget to mention that this rig is compatible with other bangers as well, and not just the finger banger that is included?

The Myster HAMR is not only the definition of convenient, but also helps you save setup time, money, and concentrates.

Benefits of The Slanted Pipe and Silicone Base

We've all had issues trying to smoke from a dab rig. Discomfort can set in when you are trying to work the torch and wand at the same time just to get that perfect hit. 

The Silicone base gives you that ergonomic feel, allowing you to have a comfortable and secure grip with just one hand, leaving your free hand able to work the wand and torch effortlessly.

The HAMR's slanted glass pipe is designed to make smoking from this handheld dab rig easier, and more comfortable than its predecessors. 

Why a The HAMR Handheld Rig is Better Than an Electric

Electric dab rigs have the same problems amongst many of their users. Seemingly being; poor battery life, overheating atomizers, coils burning out, the loss of experience, and set up and smoking time. These issues don’t come with a classic torch rig, in fact they come with the benefits of not having to deal with these headaches at all.

The HAMR Handheld Rig Won’t Overheat

The most common issue smokers have with electric dab rigs, are that the coils and atomizers tend to overheat, causing them to burn out.

Dabbers don’t want to be disappointed when they go to smoke and the coil is burnt out, or their atomizer is fried, leaving them searching for a different way to dab.

 Another overheating issue with electric rigs is that they use lithium-ion batteries, which contain flammable liquids, and when they get too hot it can actually cause it to explode when reacting with oxygen. 

Electric Dab Rigs Lose the Smoker Experience

Most agree that you just don’t get the same quality experience when smoking from an electric dab rig than if you were to smoke from a torch rig. 

Vapor quantity just sometimes isn’t there, electric rigs still have an issue with providing users with that thick cloud of smoke consistently. 

With a classic handheld dab rig there are usually no issues producing plumes of smoke, even if you haven’t cleaned or maintained it in awhile.

The HAMR Dab Rig with Built in Torch doesn’t Require Charging

There’s nothing more annoying than when you are ready to smoke and there is something stopping you, a dead battery has certainly postponed my smoke session longer than I would have liked more than once.

Electric rigs aren’t known to have very efficient battery life, and the charge on them doesn’t last long. This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time.  

Classic handheld dab rigs don’t require a battery, they require butane which is cheaper than replacing a battery, and you can certainly get more uses out of a canister.

Electric Dab Rigs Cost You Time

They say time is money, so when you are in a rush you don’t want to be sitting around waiting for your dab rig to heat up. 

The HAMR handheld dab rig is proven to have faster set up and smoking time. It takes about 5-8 seconds from the time you turn on your torch, to when you take your first rip.

Electric dab rigs can typically have you waiting 30-45 seconds for them to even heat up.

Why the HAMR Handheld Dab Rig is the Way to Go

This handheld dab rig not only comes with the premium accessories, but it also comes with a sleek carrying case that holds all of its tools so you can actually take it with you wherever you plan on going.

Which makes this great for social gatherings with your stoner friends (I know my friends were super impressed when I busted this bad boy out).
The HAMR handheld dab rig can easily be taken apart making this quite easy to clean after a few uses. 

You can get a quality HAMR handheld dab rig for less than $200, that comes with everything you will need to get started. 

The team over at Myster has really gone to great lengths to improve our smoking capabilities when it comes to dabbing. They found ways to eliminate issues with handheld dab rigs that were bothersome, allowing smokers to enjoy a fast, easy, and convenient toke.

Why People Confuse Electric Rigs for Handheld Dab Rigs

While they both share similarities, they both have their own features which make them uniquely different. Most electric dab rigs are shown as portable simply because they are not using a torch. 

This can become very confusing to anyone looking to buy a handheld rig, as they begin to think that they only have one option. 

The HAMR proves electric rigs are not the only ones who can be convenient and portable.

This handheld dab rig with built in torch has certainly brought classic rigs back to the head of class. Showing you that electric dab rigs are not the only ones built for convenience.

Final Thoughts on The HAMR Handheld Dab Rig

This handheld dab rig with built in torch is definitely a must have for any concentrate, wax, and shatter smoker. You get what you pay for and with this torch rig you are certainly getting a bang for your buck. 

Not only because you are getting a high quality dab rig that comes with so many features, but you are getting a device that was clearly made with the consumers in mind. That alone makes it worth the buy. 

When was the last time someone asked you what you want and how you want it, and they actually delivered!? Call me old-fashioned, but it is the little things like this that will always keep me coming back to certain places and using certain products. 

Everything with this handheld dab rig is clean and sleek. It makes it very convenient for rookie and veteran smokers alike, with dabbing becoming increasingly popular again in the stoner community, this rig is simply a must have. 

You do not need to spend upwards of $200 with this handheld rig like you do with most electric rigs.

The HAMR will certainly get you that perfect high that you desire, and you will be happy that you chose to invest in such a great handheld dab rig.

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