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All In One Dab Rig Starter Kit (How to Dab for Beginners)

All In One Dab Rig Starter Kit (How to Dab for Beginners)

Let’s face it, people have been coming up with new ways to smoke weed for a very long time now. 

With Dabbing leading the way and becoming increasingly more popular, you should probably learn a thing or two before you jump right in and take a trip to the cosmos. 

In this article, you will learn not only how to dab, but you will also learn how to consume your concentrates the most efficiently with the best all in one dab rig starter kit.

Dab Rig starter kit

The problem with most other dab starter kits is that they cause you to lose more concentrate than you are consuming. 

Myster Dab Starter Kits - Why It Crushes the Competition 

This Dab Rig Starter kit known as the HAMR is easily the best choice for not only beginners but for veteran smokers like myself too. Dabbing can be tricky when you are first starting and you will burn and waste more wax if you don’t know what you are doing, this will certainly fix that problem. 

This is more of a cold start dab rig, it takes a previously tedious process and simplifies it so you can start enjoying that delicious concentrate sooner rather than later by combining all necessary pieces into one. 

All in One Dabbing Starter Kit by Myster

Dab starter kits

This dabbing kit comes with its own built-in torch that is positioned directly under the banger for conveniently heating up your concentrates at a perfect temp. With this starting kit you are getting, the best bang for your buck, and here’s what it will include:

  • Slanted Glass pipe
  • SABR Torch Lighter
  • Quartz finger banger
  • A silicone base
  • Stainless Steel dabber (Wand)
  • Bubble Cap
  • Zip-up carrying case

A Dabbing Kit Built for Simplicity

The simple fact that it comes with a built-in SABR torch made this dab rig starter kit a no-brainer for me. You could honestly smoke from this using just one hand. Since it is an all-in-one piece it eliminates problems that other rigs currently are facing and let’s face it, we’d rather have the least amount of issues as possible

It can be very frustrating when you are first learning how to dab. I find that with most dab rig starter kits you are actually losing more wax than anything. When you have to play around with the torch to get it heated in all the right spots, sometimes when you don’t heat it enough it is a wasting product, or perhaps you overheat it and now you are starting to burn your concentrate up and not even being about to smoke it at that point. 

A Dab Rig Kit that is Perfect for Beginners and Pros

This dab rig kit is the most optimal way to smoke, it’s what they call low temp dabs or reverse dabs. It prevents the over burning of concentrates and enhances the flavor profiles, ultimately saving dabs. By putting the concentrate on the nail first, you are ensuring that you will not overheat your wax. When you can see the concentrate melt and bubble then you will know exactly when you turn off your torch. 

What is Dabbing and How to Dab

A lot more potent than smoking flower, dabbing is the flash heating of THC concentrates to the point of vaporization, and they are put to a hot surface and inhaled. When we speak of concentrates, we are talking about shatter, oil, wax, rosin, etc. So with these, the less you use the higher you get. 

Dabbing for beginners 

If you thought you were getting stoned from smoking cannabis before, which ranges from 15-25% THC, then you are about to get absolutely ripped. Concentrates usually range in between the 50-80% THC . So this is why it is becoming increasingly more popular amongst weed connoisseurs. This is also why it’s important to have the right dab rig starter kit when first starting out, you surely don’t want to waste such a valuable high. 

It is also helpful to know the potency of your concentrate, different extracts have different levels of THC. Start small and slowly increase the dose if you are comfortable doing so. Although a small dose may not look like it will do much, it is quite a bit of THC that you are consuming. If you are used to smoking flower, dabbing can surely feel a lot more intense when you first start, but just like with anything you will become accustomed to it and your tolerance will adjust. 

How to dab efficiently with the HAMR Dab Rig Starter Kit

As I said before this dabbing kit is more of a cold start rig, meaning you will save more dabs without burning your concentrates. The low temp dabbing allows you to see what is happening and lets you know when you stop applying heat. There are great benefits to this such as:

  • More flavorful hits
  • Smoother hits that won‚Äôt burn your chest and throat
  • Less product wasted
  • Less wear and tear on your¬† pipe

 Here are the three easy steps with your HAMR Dab Rig Starter Kit:

Step 1. Using the stainless steel dabber measure out the desired amount, and  place your concentrate onto the quartz finger banger.

Step 2. Use the SABR torch to slowly heat the banger evenly around all sides (Only takes a few seconds).

Step 3. Turn off the torch when you see the concentrate start to bubble and inhale the vapor and enjoy.

(If you don’t have a HAMR then the next steps are for a dab rig.)

How to Hit a Dab with a Classic Dab Rig

So let’s just start with what you will need to have considering classic rigs don’t come with a torch, a carb cap or a wand which means you will have to purchase those separately.  

Step 1. Turn on your torch and heat the nail. You will want to wait until the nail begins to turn red.

Step 2. Once the nail is hot enough you want to turn off your torch and let the quartz nail cool for about 45 seconds so that the surface is not too hot and you don’t burn through your concentrate (If you have a timer, that could work when timing this.).

Step 3. Apply your concentrate directly onto the heated nail with your dabber and begin to inhale slowly. Move and rotate the dabber wand around the tip of the nail so you are not wasting any oil that is on the wand. 

Step 4. Use the carb cap and cover the dab, this will help regulate the airflow. 

Step 5. Finish inhaling your vapor.

Step 6. Exhale and enjoy your high.

The Problem with Other Vapor Rig Kits

While there are many issues that someone can think of when it comes to dab rig kits, here are some of the issues that I have experienced along with many other veteran smokers. The first thing you will notice is that when you purchase a dab rig kit, most of the time it doesn’t even come with the proper tools you will need to begin. 

The issues with Other Concentrate Rig Kits

Having to buy pieces of equipment separately is annoying, especially when you think you are buying something that is all in one. So the fact that the carb cap, wand, and torch are most of the time never included, sucks!

Then you have the issue with overheating which causes you to burn and waste your product. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried dabbing and it was a failed attempt simply because I overheated the nail, I wasn’t holding the rig at the proper angle or I didn’t inhale in time because I was waiting for the nail to cool down. 

The burn, if there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that the burn sucks. When you are dabbing without a cold start you are definitely opening up the doors to experiencing the righteous burning of the throat which eventually leads to the burning of your chest. I myself and am sure you the reader can agree that this is one of the most irritating things about smoking. 

Lastly, when we purchase our weed or concentrate and we are looking forward to the particular flavor that we purchased, we want to actually taste it! Most dab rigs cause you to lose the flavor of your concentrate due to the overheating and burning that comes along with these inefficient rigs.

I Hope You Learned Something about How to Dab

We all have our preferences, some of us prefer to make things harder for ourselves, and some of us would rather work smarter and not harder. So with the issues already facing dabbing, why make things even more difficult for yourself if you are just starting out? You’ve now been given the information and steps to begin your dabbing journey, I hope that I was helpful and that you do consider the HAMR when choosing your first dab rig starter kit. It is easily the most efficient and effective way that I have been able to enjoy dabbing. 

Just remember that when you are deciding between different dab starter kits, you want something that will be easy to use, most efficient and cost effective. The all in one Myster HAMR  solves all of those issues, so you’ve been given a head start already.

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  • KromeDome

    We will save more dabs without burning our concentrates. This kit is very helpful for us, because of this kit we have no need to search anywhere for dabs.

    April 28, 2022
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