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Cannabis For Women: 5 Surprising Benefits

Cannabis For Women: 5 Surprising Benefits

Anyone who is acquainted with the knowledge of traditional medicine and herbs very well knows the importance of cannabis. Cannabis has allured masses all across the globe for its multiple health benefits.

The legalization restrictions in the past, however, made the herb inaccessible. Until lately, when several nations decriminalized and legalized its medicinal use.  Microdosing on cannabis has enormously benefited humankind, so much so that users cannot stop raving about it. 

Among the various other health potentials, cannabis is particularly useful for women. In this article, find five surprising benefits that can make it a favorite amongst women.  

Cannabis for Sleep and Appetite 

Often due to periods, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, pre and post-menopause stages, and other imbalances, women have trouble achieving quality sleep. Irregular sleeping patterns or sleep deprivation are common these days. It can hurt their overall health as it can lead to hormonal dysfunction. Leaving one feel tired and worn out throughout the day. Luckily, CBD, a compound found in cannabis, shows exceptional sleep-enhancing properties. It is believed to have a therapeutic effect on the root causes of sleeplessness, such as stress, anxiety, and physical tension. 

One of the convenient ways to get CBD in your system is through rick and morty bong one can easily purchase them online from a reputable store. 

CBD formulations like gummies can also help women achieve regular sleep. Cannabis can also help reduce inflammation in the digestive system and boost appetite. Including CBD and cannabis in your everyday life can help balance these two most crucial aspects of healthy living. 

Can Help Manage Period Pain 

Dysmenorrhoea or period pain is so common among women that 80% of the women experience it one time or another. While most of the women report some discomfort drawing their chums, for some, it is disruptive enough to hinder their life. Pain, along with muscle cramps, is a natural yet uncomfortable experience for women. Cannabis can help relieve pain, cramps, stiffness in the abdomen and help relax the body muscle. Therefore, many women today replace their common analgesics for natural pain relievers like cannabis and CBD. Several studies reveal the efficacy of the use of cannabis in managing pain-related problems

The symptoms, which include uterine inflammation, can be a root cause of other infections. Gladly the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis can be useful in coping with the same. The best part about including cannabis in your lifestyle is that it does not cause any significant side effects. It also shows great potential in managing chronic Pelvic pain. A study reveals that cannabis can help treat CPP as 100% of women in the survey reported a reduction in pain symptoms.

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May Enhance Sexual Experience 

The use of cannabis in enhancing sexual pleasure is gaining a lot of research attention. Several scientific shreds of evidence report cannabis to have specific aphrodisiac properties that can improve sexual pleasure among women. The interaction of cannabis with the human endocannabinoid system leads to the release of hormones that can affect the enhanced sexual experience. It can activate the release of dopamine and reduce stress. 

Cannabis can also modulate oxytocin levels in the brain, which can influence the sexual drive in a person. Hence, it has a positive role in enhancing overall sexual drive. Many CBD oils and lubes on the market are quite popular for their vaginal lubrication properties that make sex comfortable and pain-free. 

Can Overcome Menopausal Symptoms 

Many premenopausal and menopausal symptoms include insomnia, depression, hot flashes, pain, irritability, etc. A study indicates that cannabis may reduce these symptoms and help women cope with vaginal dryness and bladder infections for an easy transition to the phase. Cannabis shows a host of therapeutic benefits that imparts physical ease and mental relaxation so that women can easily glide through these transitory phases. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Source: Pexels

Manage Everyday Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are common perils that ruin our mental state and prosperity. Unchecked stress can lead to anxiety, which in turn can harm hormonal health and well-being. Mental and physical health are interconnected, and maintaining the balance between the two is the ultimate pathway to vitality. Gladly, micro-dosing on marijuana affects the specific parts of the brain that can help manage stress. The THC compound in cannabis interacts with the Amygdala, the house of emotions that balance fear and anxiety. 

Cannabis may also modulate the Neocortex and Necauns Acumens, responsible for decision making, and the reward-motivation system. Therefore, it can be beneficial in managing stress and worries. 

The Bottom Line

Cannabis can help support the physical and mental aspects of women’s health and well-being.  It can help ease menstrual pain and take care of regular physical activity like digestion and sleep. Women have successfully used it to support their age-related transition from one phase to another while keeping in mind stress and anxiety. If you wish to explore the potential health benefits of the compound, consider talking to an expert. 

Written By: Grace Hawkins

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