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Does Cannabis Feminize Men?

Does Cannabis Feminize Men?

By Dalton Rosario

“It felt like someone gently tapped me against my forehead and said just relax…

Look no further than the bottom of a Snapple cap. If the most potent cannabis plants highest in THC concentration are female, then it comes as no surprise that our estrogen levels increase accordingly upon consumption.

But what does this really mean for us fellas who are day-to-day users and cannabis connoisseurs?

Anyone who has slept through a Psych 101 seminar this past century can tell you that the precise levels of our hormones determine our behavioral norms. Recall that happy hour with the quite co-worker turned boisterous drunk. It is real.

Despite enjoying the nostalgia of a midnight toke as much as my favorite rapper - BRRR - I avoid abusing cannabis so I can cultivate a go-getter mentality that’s conditioned to get the job done. Point blank period.

If you consider yourself an activator - one who is abrasive in demeanor and unapologetic in spirit - then uncharacteristic qualities of self-doubt, apprehension and complacency are not in your nature.

So after the initial buzz has passed, how come the simplest of tasks can become an uphill battle of negative sloping momentum to control one’s urges and refocus one’s energy. Am I alone in having lost a Saturday afternoon to a morning wake and bake gone viral?

Cascading into a cyclical frenzy of pleasure-seeking compulsions that ultimately amount to nothing effective whatsoever. And after the midday haze clears, the sun begins to set and you awaken from the fog in a bewildering stream of consciousness wondering what the fuck just happened. As if this time would be any different than the last.

It makes me cringe when I identify cannabis in my seasoned adulthood with words like tired, gassed, dazed, unfocused, passive, unproductive, indecisive, drained and energy zapped.

But the principle of the matter is simple. Every day we must wake up and decide what we are going to do.

And any choice which leads to putting off commitments and taking away the drive to get it done now, discourages us from making the tough decisions that determine who we are becoming, where we are going and how we are getting there.

If you aspire to be sharp and steady with your daily rituals, relentless with your physical routines and purposeful with your consistency of daily output then why kid yourself.

You know better than anyone else. Listen to your gut. Clean out the bong, tidy up your rolling tray kit, and put away the bud.

Until after the job gets done.
2 comments on Does Cannabis Feminize Men?
  • Charles Hopkins
    Charles Hopkins

    Excellent article which highlights the importance of self-reliance and abstinence from energy altering substances such as weed. not everything that glitters is Gold.

    April 02, 2024
  • Emmanuel

    Thank you so much. This article states the painful truth in a way people living in denial (like me) can actually digest. The fact is it impedes your effectiveness and your personal “feelings” doesn’t trump chemical compositions in nature’s hierachy.

    If you want to progress steadily in life you have to drop things weighing you down, could be people, habits or beliefs. For most stoners, weed is usually an anvil. And we usually don’t realize it.

    August 09, 2023
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