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Does Marijuana Decrease Your Sex Drive?

Does Marijuana Decrease Your Sex Drive?

It would be simple to say that no, weed doesn’t decrease your sex drive, but the world isn’t simple, and neither are human beings. In short, the human body is affected in different ways, but if you smoke weed, you already know that. That’s why you and your buddy have different reactions to edibles.

Statistically, people who smoke cannabis tend to have more sexual partners in a year. For these smokers, weed increases sex drive. However, that study, done in 2009 by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, also showed that men who smoked weed would orgasm at much faster rates than non-smokers.

Men are seemingly most affected by smoking weed because there has been a correlation between weed smokers and low testosterone, including causing erectile dysfunction in certain men, but there are several other genetic factors that have to be taken into account.

Simply put, you won’t know how weed affects your sex drive until you go to get down.  

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