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Herbal Tinctures: Everything You Need To Know About

Herbal Tinctures: Everything You Need To Know About

The medical world is currently expanding, and there are now new alternative treatment methods. Many people who don't want to use prescribed over-the-counter drugs are now opting for a herbal approach. Herbal tinctures are leaves that are dipped into alcohol to create a mixture that contains herbal properties. You can use various herbs, like vanilla beans and dried mushrooms; however, you must use alcohol as the solvent.

Many people use tinctures to try and achieve their wellness goals. Furthermore, you can take the herbs through various methods, such as diluting them with tea or straight from the dropper. However, it would help consult your doctor to help get the right prescription that will suit you. 

Benefits Of Taking Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures consist of naturally made ingredients that are user-friendly and readily available. Due to its availability and cheap cost, many people rely on this form of treatment. There are various plants used in tinctures that have health benefits to the human body, and they include:


If you are experiencing anxiety or chronic pain, you can use chamomile; it works within a few minutes. Also, the plants help in healing wounds, and you can use them in treating injuries. 


In the past, many people used Feverfew in treating fever and arthritis. There is still ongoing research on whether the plant is an effective method in treating migraines. 


Based on the components of garlic, you can use it in burning cholesterol. 


Gingko plays an essential role in treating conditions such as asthma. Scientists are also researching whether it would be an effective method to help improve human memory because of its ability to enhance brain function.


Ginger helps reduce some symptoms present during pregnancy, like nausea. In some cases, there is the use of blue gelato 41, which is a marijuana strain that helps you relax and reduces anxiety. Besides that, the strain smells and tastes nice, making it easy for users to consume it daily. 

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The Procedure Of Making A Herbal Tincture

There are simpler methods of making your herbal tincture in the comfort of your home, and you can follow the following steps:

  • Get the plant you want to use and ensure its safe for human consumption
  • Create a mixture of the plants' leaves and water
  • Add alcohol to the mix and cover it
  • Allow the mixture to rest for about 8weeks
  • Filter the mixture using a cheesecloth

The liquid you will get after filtering the mixture is a herbal tincture. You can get rid of the leaves and remain with the liquid. 

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How To Use The Herbal Tincture

You can consume tinctures through the mouth with a dropper. However, the tincture dose varies depending on factors such as:

  • The concentration of your tincture: If it's a highly concentrated tincture, you may only require a small dosage, while the dose may be more for a low concentrated tincture.
  • Your gender: Females may require less tincture dosage than men.
  • Age: Younger people may require low volumes of the tincture. 
  • Body size

Famous Tinctures And Their Purposes

Some of the most popular tinctures used as herbal medicines include:

Tincture arnica

You can use tincture arnica in treating different kinds of inflammatory skin diseases, such as Rosacea.

Tincture of benzoin

Tincture Benzoin helps in easing swelling in the mouth and throat.

Tincture of iodine 

A tincture of iodine helps prevent infections that may be a result of burns or external cuts.

Tincture of propolis 

The tincture of propolis has antibiotic properties, and you can use it to boost your immune system.

Tinctures of cannabis 

Tinctures of cannabis consist of cannabidiol and can help in the treatment of cancer.

Will Cannabis Tincture make you high? 

If you are worried that you may get high by using cannabis tincture, then you should not. The tincture does not contain any traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, a property in CBD that makes you high. 

You can take your cannabis tincture during the day because it will help you relax. Besides that, it boosts your energy which allows you to accomplish more. Moreover, patients who have mild insomnia can use the tincture to control the problem. 

Notably, certain groups of people can't consume cannabis tinctures like children or breastfeeding/pregnant mothers. If you have a preexisting health condition, it would be best to do more research before using the tincture. 

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The Bottom Line

Herbal medicines may be the big breakthrough for the medical industry in controlling deadly diseases such as cancer. Tinctures serve many benefits which help users remain healthy. You can make the tincture at home, but you need to follow the steps listed above to help you make the appropriate herbal to treat your condition. Furthermore, you can order a herbal tincture from an online store. You can research other types of tinctures and their purposes to help you expand your knowledge about the herb and prevent you from overdosing. 

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