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How The Image Of A Stoner Is Changing As Laws Change

How The Image Of A Stoner Is Changing As Laws Change

The issue with being a stoner in the past was always being tied with that one guy who hasn’t showered in months and looks like he is homeless, even though he comes from money. As the US and other countries have been passing laws legalizing marijuana, CBD, hemp, and THC in general, we’ve seen a change in the typical stoner demographics.

A stoner is no longer just a tie-dye wearing hippie, but rather normal everyday people. The stereotypical stoner is still seen in plenty of television shows and movies in 2020, but along with him are normal citizens who smoke to relax and have fun.

The image of the stoner, while advancing, is still stuck in the past for most people. Even those who smoke weed for medical purposes refuse to consider themselves stoners due to the stigma. Though the stigma won’t just disappear, the legalization of weed and major economic benefits have been aiding in turning the stigma on its head.

More and more professionals are announcing that they are stoners, and rather than being chastised, they’re being applauded. For some, it is nice to know that your boss deals with stress the same way you do. By sitting down with your favorite show and lighting a bowl.

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