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How To Make Smell-Proof Storage For Weed

How To Make Smell-Proof Storage For Weed

Even though cannabis has been legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes in some US states.  If you smoke or vape weed, you may not want just anyone to know that you do when they come into your home. 

One of the hardest things to quell is the smell of marijuana. It has a very strong, pungent odor that few can miss if they have ever smelled it before.

Over the years people have tried everything to eliminate the smell, or at the very least mask it so it is not quite so recognizable. Incense can help to some degree, but it makes even more odorous smells and more smoke to contend. 

It rarely fools anyone familiar with it. Air fresheners only cover the smell a small amount, but they won’t rid your home of the smell entirely.

Even when you are not smoking or vaping weed, if you don’t store it in the right way, you can still smell cannabis, though not near as strongly as when it is smoked or vaped. 

The best way to ensure you keep your home odor-free from stored cannabis is to make sure you are storing it correctly. Another issue can be when you want to travel with your weed. You will also want it to be smell-proof as well!

Smell Proof Weed Jars

Many people will simply use a mason jar with a tight-fitting lid to help make their weed smell-proof. It is one of the most inexpensive and hassle-free ways to get the job done. However, if you want something better than a clear mason jar, you can purchase any number of canister type jars online or even at a local weed or head shop. A cannabis stash box is another alternative for smaller amounts of cannabis.

There are smell-proof jars that are made from black glass that protects your weed from UV light. Some of them come with a humidity pack to help keep your weed at the correct moisture level. There are aluminum pocket canisters when you need a safe place to keep a small amount of weed with you and it will be smell-proof too.

Smell Proof Weed Bags

When you are at home, a smell-proof jar or canister works great, but if you are traveling, you might consider investing in a smell-proof weed bag or soft case. They are more compact and easier to pack that a breakable jar of some kind. Of course, these smell-proof bags can be used at home too. Some models come with a zipper-lock so it is not easy for anyone besides you to get into them.

Vacuum Sealing Weed

Vacuum sealing has been used for preserving foods that you keep in the refrigerator or freezer for some time now. Vacuum sealing bags also work great for storing your weed and making it smell proof. Although the compression involved in vacuum sealing can cause some loss to the bud quality, the fragrance and aroma will remain unharmed.

You can purchase a vacuum sealer and bags in different sizes depending on how much weed you are storing. Since vacuum sealing removes all of the air from the bag, it keeps weed from molding too. 

The refrigerator is probably the best place to store the weed when vacuum sealed rather than the freezer. Although many people do store their weed in a freezer, it can cause some damage to the weed.

Freezing Weed

As was stated above, many people do choose to freeze their weed. Vacuum sealing is the best choice for freezer storage. Even though this method will make your weed smell-proof, it can cause damage to the cannabis. Some might think that freezing weed can slow down the aging of the plant material, but it does not.

Freezing weed can slow down or even completely stop the process of decarboxylation, not counting potential moisture and subsequent mold problems. Over time this can cause a decline in the potency of the weed. This is not to say that freezing your weed can’t be done. Many people use this method because it is convenient and fairly simple to do.

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