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How To Rehydrate Dry Cannabis

How To Rehydrate Dry Cannabis

“Brick weed”, which is dried cannabis pressed into bricks, used to be popular due to the lack of legalization nationwide in the United States. But, since cannabis has been legalized in some form in about half of the states, people have come to appreciate moisture in their cannabis and as such, the old “brick weed” has fallen out of favor.

Freshly cured, whole buds are now where it’s at, but sometimes those can become dry due to either inadequate storage practices or overdrying after harvest. But it’s alright, we have solutions for you if you find yourself in this situation.

Just find your best rolling tray, roll a blunt, load a bowl, load a vape, or whatever method you use with flowers, and get ready to learn to save drying cannabis.

How to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis Flowers

Rehydrating refers to making your cannabis regain its freshness once again after it has dried out too much. This process usually requires you to wait a little bit so that you can return your cannabis back to its original high-quality state. The following are some of the proven ways to rehydrate your cannabis.

Fruit Peel

Fruits are good substances to rehydrate your dried cannabis easily. There are various used fruits to do this job, but the most common are oranges and limes. The only problem is that they will lend their taste to your buds.

You only want to do this short term basis as they can possibly rot and even develop fungi, so you don’t want to leave it in the container with your bud for a long time. Proper inspection is required daily to ensure that your cannabis remains in good condition and you may opt to change the peel out for fresh material.

You can also use banana peels due to the fact that they work faster than other fruit peels, but they will also rot faster than others. For that reason, you should be careful with banana peels and not forget about them when you do use them for this purpose.

Apple peels work well because they release moisture slower than other peels do. They also don’t flavor the cannabis as much, so these are preferred when you don’t want to add any other flavors to your buds.

Use Distilled Water

Distilled water is one of the best methods to rehydrate your cannabis. The good thing about the distilled water is that the impurities have already been removed; hence will work better for you. In this method, pick a container that will fit your cannabis.

Take a paper towel and dip it in the distilled water. Ensure that you rinse it so that it doesn’t have much moisture that may lead to molds. Now cover your jar and wait for about 4 to 10 hours to uncover. Use this method for cannabis you’re intending to use within a short period of time because you don’t want it to create mold.

Rehydrate With Water Vapor

This is another vast method of rehydrating your cannabis if more so you are in a great hurry. If you want to use your cannabis and find it has dried up, you can easily rehydrate it by using boiling water.

With this method, you need to ensure that the water has already boiled and covered with a clean cloth. The pot should be removed from the heat and no longer boiling when doing this method because you don’t want to cook your cannabis and render it unusable for smoking.

The vapor that is still coming off of the water in the pot is what will rehydrate your material. Put the cannabis onto the fabric and wait for the vapor to pass through it in about half an hour. Ensure to turn your cannabis now and then for it to rehydrate quickly. They’ll be ready for use in half an hour or so.

Use Bread

Another great method is to use a fresh slice of bread. Moisten your piece of bread and put it in the same container as your buds.

If possible, don’t let the bread directly touch your buds because you don’t want bread crumbs left on them when you transfer them to another storage container after they’re rehydrated. Give it at least three hours and come back for the results. You will notice that the slice of bread has dried up, indicating that the buds have retained the water.

For high-quality results, you need to keep on repeating these steps for about 4 to 5 times. Once you notice your buds are in good condition, transfer them to an airtight container for proper storage and prevent them from drying again.


What Is A Humidor Box For Cannabis?

If you’re wanting to keep 4 or more strains, you can expect to pay between $150 and $250 or more for a decent box. A humidor box for cannabis is a good investment if you’re keeping any significant amount of it around and you want to make sure that it stays optimally moist. The size humidor that you will need depends on how much cannabis you have on hand at any given time and how many different strains you have.

How to Prevent Cannabis From Drying Out

You can easily prevent your cannabis from drying up by using the following ways.

Using An Airtight Container

Fresh cannabis is very easy to maintain and consume it at a later date. You only need to ensure that it is not exposed to oxygen. After you dry the cannabis up or purchase, use a container to cover them after using and prevent any moisture from inside.

If you bought in large amounts, ensure that you keep it in different portions and consume on a short term basis any container that you open.

Keep Away From Light

Another vast way to keep your cannabis fresh is by ensuring that it is kept far away from light. Light is a great enemy of the cannabis once it’s already out of the farm and dried up. Ensure you don’t keep on exposing your cannabis to the light as they will easily dry out. Keep your cannabis in a container and avoid opening now and then.

Glass vs. Plastic Bags

Glass is one of the vast methods to keep your cannabis fresh for a long time. There are multiple types of glass that you can use to keep your cannabis safe. They contain no air inside; hence are preferable for storing your cannabis.

Plastic bags are used as an alternative when the glass jar is not available. While using plastic bags, there is always a need to be certain that there is not much air inside so while you are packing your cannabis.

Plastic bags are also an okay method of keeping your cannabis fresh.

Rehydrating your cannabis should not be a challenge to you. Use the above methods as described and your buds will regain their freshness. Always store your buds in a closed container and they will retain much of their quality.

13 comments on How To Rehydrate Dry Cannabis
  • Lawrence

    Everything doesn’t have to be difficult.
    Drop a small piece of carrot in your bag, done. And it doesn’t matter how long you leave it in. When it gets shriveled up take it out. Works in 24 hrs. No flavor transfere, no rot or fungus issue. If your bud begin feeling dry again throw in another small piece of carrots and Have a Nice Day!

    October 12, 2022
  • Bigodeez

    Yes you can use a flower tortilla I normally just take a 1/2 of the flower tortilla and lay it on top of my buds and in about 30 minutes to an hr and you’re good. I repeat do not leave overnight or longer than an hour in my opinion

    August 31, 2022
  • Jonathan

    I do believe he means a flour tortilla, not a corn tortilla. He typed it backwards as tortilla flour.

    May 20, 2022
  • Jeff

    I’ll add two more to the equation:
    1) Granny Smith apples … they infuse a really nice flavour
    2) A drop (or two) of water in your ziplock bag

    May 16, 2022
  • Michael

    Andy? No such thing as skunk weed anymore if so where to get seeds?

    April 05, 2022
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