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How to Smoke DMT - The Official 2023 Guide

How to Smoke DMT - The Official 2023 Guide

Knowing how to smoke DMT is a powerful tool for exploring your consciousness.

Smoking DMT is known to work wonders in relieving stress and uplifting your life. 

With the popularity of DMT rising, increased accessibility has allowed the brightest minds to create the best ways to smoke DMT.

In this article, you will learn about the absolute best way to smoke DMT, and by the end, you'll know which tools will help you have the safest and most desirable experience for breaking through with DMT. 

The Best Way to Smoke DMT - Using The HAMR Rig

HAMR is the best to smoke DMT

DMT crystals are incredibly heat-sensitive, so the best way to vaporize them is with a cold-start rig. 

Traditionally, with a dab rig, you will heat the nail, then add your DMT. But a cold-start is meant to be loaded with DMT first, then heated. 

This Cold-Start Method allows for more precision when heating and prevents your DMT from burning too hot. 

Get yourself the HAMR by Myster, and with this method of vaporizing, you will see when the DMT crystals begin to bubble. 

When they do, you know to quit applying heat!

With the HAMR, everything you need to trip is attached conveniently together and optimally placed so that the process becomes much more manageable. 

Whether you are a curious new user or experienced psychonaut, with a cold-start dab rig, you will be able to prevent waste and keep your rig safe when you are transitioning into a DMT trip using this method. 

Other Popular Ways of Smoking DMT

You have learned about the best way to vape DMT, but not everyone is looking for the best possible DMT experience. Some psychedelic beginners want to give it a go by any means. 

For those of you without the option of buying new DMT equipment, here are some other ways of smoking DMT. 

Hot-Rig Method - How to Smoke DMT with a Dab Rig

Using a classic dab rig is a highly suggested method to smoke DMT. Here is how to smoke DMT with a common dab rig:

  • Measure your DMT dose with a precision scale
  • Use a small spoon to scoop the dose of DMT crystals, then set the scoop aside
  • Heat the nail with a torch lighter for about 20 seconds 
  • Simultaneously use the spoon to drop your DMT on the hot nail while sucking from the mouthpiece
  • Inhale steadily with a strong slow pull 
  • Set your DMT equipment safely to the side or pass it your tripping companion 

 This traditional DMT dab method is excellent for psychedelic beginners, but the Hot Rig Method has some significant drawbacks. 

The problem with the Hot-Rig Method is that it causes combustion to be much harder to control, and you are sure to lose at least 20% of your DMT through the lighting and inhalation process.

DMT Freebase Method - How to Smoke DMT out of a Pipe

The easiest and most accessible method of smoking DMT is out of a pipe. This is called the DMT Freebase method. 

Although easy and accessible, the DMT freebase method is wasteful, and it is unappealing to many users because it gives a similar look to smoking crack. 

You will likely waste some DMT when it melts, but most pipes will eventually get the job done. Here are a few tips for knowing how to smoke DMT out of a pipe:

  • Using small metal screens in your bowl will reduce the amount of DMT lost from falling through the hole of the bowl 
  • A classic Bic lighter is sufficient to light your DMT, but it is hardly ideal compared to a torch lighter. 
  • Prepare a good place to safely set aside your pipe, lighter, and DMT stash 
  • You may want a trusted companion to help you take the multiple hits necessary to reach a breakthrough

DMT Sandwich Method - How to Smoke DMT with Weed

A commonly recommended way to smoke DMT is the Sandwich Method. 

The sandwich method is when you mix your DMT with another substance and smoke it.

Mixing DMT and weed is the best and most popular way to sandwich your DMT in a bowl.

  • Loosely pack your bowl with a layer of ground weed
  • Sprinkle and coat that layer with your DMT, then loosely pack a little more weed, covering the top
  • Ignite the weed with a lighter or match 
  • Inhale steadily for as long as you can until the vapor feels harsh on your lungs 
  • Hold in the DMT vapor for at least 10 seconds 
  • Exhale, take a deep breath, and repeat one or two more times and you will surely blast off 

You won’t have to hold the flame to the bowl as long because the weed will catch fire and will ignite the DMT within. 

Avoid temptations to take a massive first inhale. Instead, take it slow and easy to get the embers going to avoid loss of DMT through combustion. 

DMT Dosage Guide - How to Use DMT Properly

After reading the last few sections, you should be familiar with the best ways to smoke DMT, but you will want to know and feel comfortable with the complete process of how to use DMT properly.

You know that the proper way to use DMT is with a cold-start with the help of the HAMR, but at the same time, using the appropriate amount of DMT is just as important. 

Vaped doses of DMT range from 10-60 mg. If you want to know how much DMT to breakthrough with the recommended cold-start setup, follow this guide: 

  • If you’re just beginning to try hallucinogens, or you know you want a very light dose, start small with a dose of 10 mg.
  • If you want to experience more visuals and mind alterations, increase your DMT dosage to at least 15-20 mg.
  • At 20 mg, many are likely to begin hallucinating, and this amount may take you to a new geometric reality.
  • A 25-30 mg dose of DMT is where breaking through begins to happen. This would be considered a moderate dose.
  • If you want to ensure you get the full range of effects DMT has to offer, consider a strong dose of 40 mg or higher. 
  • Use a 40-60 mg dose if you are using any of the lesser recommended methods of smoking DMT.
  • You will want to add around 20% more DMT crystals to your bowl because of the combustion from the lesser recommended methods.

Always measure your DMT dose with a precision scale to make sure you are getting your desired amount. 

Blasting Off - What to Expect with a DMT Experience

“You cannot imagine a stranger drug or a stranger experience.” - American ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna, 1993

It is impossible to predict each journey, and most people have difficulty explaining their experiences after coming down from their DMT trip.

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, when taken, is believed to facilitate the entering and exiting of the soul, creating lasting effects of increased creativity and imagination.

DMT is a special hallucinogen. The intensity and speed of the trip are different from the more gradual effects of other psychedelics.

You may be taken to a dreamlike reality, often full of geometric shapes and sights of spiritual beings. 

When breaking through with DMT, you will likely lose your sense of personal identity. Loss of personal identity can be scary to some and is often compared to the feeling of dying. But there is no need to worry. It is all in your head.

Afterward, you will likely have an uplifting and calm feeling known as a psychedelic after-glow. 

How to Take DMT Safely

DMT is one of the most profound and potent psychedelics known to mankind, and as with any powerful hallucinogenic drug, users must proceed with the appropriate caution and respect. 

There is no evidence of long-term effects on the brain or body, and DMT is not addictive, but there are few things you will want to keep in mind to take DMT safely and have an enjoyable experience.

1. Take a DMT Dosage that is Right for You

DMT is naturally occurring in nature and is also found in the human body. But because of the intense effects of ingesting an average dose, you should be careful that you are smoking or vaping DMT in amounts that you can handle. 

Follow our dosage guide in the previous section and measure your DMT dose carefully with a precision scale. 

Start with a lower dose, and as you gain more DMT experience, feel free to experiment with what a higher dose will do to you. 

2. Create a Safe environment for Smoking DMT

A huge part of safely taking DMT is getting into the right frame of mind to have a good trip. 

Some argue the set and setting of your session are even more important than the quality of the substance. Here are some recommendations:

  • A private place is recommended to help dim the possible anxieties that could lead you to have a less pleasant experience. 
  • Have a nice place to rest your head. Either lay in a bed or find a nice comfortable chair to lean back in.
  • Keeping blankets and soft pillows around is a good idea. Many people begin to feel the temperature change.
  • Observe and absorb as much as you can, and allow yourself to become humbled by your journey. 

No matter where you are, your mind will travel either way and will no longer be with your body. But setting the mood will ensure that you are led somewhere positive rather than somewhere dark and negative. 

3. Take DMT with a Trusted Friend

A positive setting is crucial for your DMT trip, but part of taking DMT safely could be having someone around you that you can sincerely trust to guide you through your DMT experience.

Having a trusted smoking companion for your DMT journey is a great way to ensure the physical safety of you and your tripping environment.

A friend can help you hold and light your rig, allowing you to make sure you are getting enough vapor to reach a breakthrough. Even if it's just to safely pass and set your rig down, the people around you can play a huge role in adding positive energy to your journey!


DMT is a powerful psychedelic that exists naturally and has been known for its profound effects for thousands of years.

With so many lasting benefits that occur after smoking DMT, more and more people have been drawn to explore this drug known as the spirit molecule. 

But as with any hallucinogen, especially one as powerful as DMT, you must be cautious when beginning to smoke DMT. 

With these facts and tips, you will feel safe and comfortable knowing that you have the best possible tools and setup for the most enjoyable DMT experience. 

The best way to smoke DMT is with a cold start dab rig, and the most convenient and high-performing one on the market is the HAMR by Myster.

17 comments on How to Smoke DMT - The Official 2023 Guide
  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I get the full body cold flush as well. Feels like pressure pushing down on me. Muscle spasms also but they stop before I peak. Make my own 2:1 carts. I enjoy the experience.

    August 09, 2023
  • Slurpss

    I use tin foil but I’m finding I’m not getting high anymore

    June 02, 2023
  • D

    What scares me is I get this immediate cold flush that starts at my head and goes through my whole body. If I were younger I wouldn’t worry but I’m like Am I having a stroke or something? Does anyone else get this? BTW, I make my own and I’m 59.

    March 20, 2023
  • spunone

    How old is the DMT you are using, in its “free-base” form it oxidizes rather fast, so depending on how its stored its going to lose its potency in a matter of days , and sometimes hours. keep it in a dark container, away from heat, preferably in the freezer. Also if you get it too hot, it breaks down and wont do you any good. Once you get it right, its the most 3rd-eye opening experience , for me anyway, that you can have without dedicating your life to meditation.

    March 17, 2023
  • Charlie

    No you do not smoke it like weed or crake. What ever you do DONT do that. You can look it up like i did after it was almost to late for me. If you just think you can put in in a meth pip first of all you will not feel any thing because you will have just burned it up not to mention when you keep trying because you dont feel anything you will find your self in a bad place. It cut almost all the air I could get into my lungs off so I could not even call for help because I had no air to be able to talk. I thought for hours this just might be the end for me. I learned how to make it. That part is easy as long as you are careful BUT then you must learn how to smoke it. Do not just go put some in a meth pip. It wont work. You will just burn it up & feel nothing. After you do that is when you will see what is going to happen to you. Just do not do it like that. Look it up & learn what your doing . I did do what I think you think you can do. I had to learn the hard way & I did believe I may not make it. or you will find your self in a place you dont want to be. You will not be high at all. You just cant get any air in your lungs & if you can not get air in yourself you die. I am only speaking about what happened to me. Listen if you want to go ahead & put a little in a meth pip & take one hit. You will not feel anything & you will just be coffing. Your not going to die from doing it like that one hit but you will find out it did not do anything to you except you could not ever hold the hit in you & you will be coffing away. If you keep trying because you thing maybe you did something wrong. Well you did. Just dont do it. Read how to smoke it. You will know how in a few mins.I just hope you take very seriously what I just told you

    March 13, 2023
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