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How To Store Cannabis Correctly

How To Store Cannabis Correctly

Everyone who uses cannabis, at some point has thought - does cannabis go bad? Or does it even lose its flavor?

Well, in this article we'll break all that down.

Not only that, but you'll also find out the proper ways to store your cannabis to make sure you maintain its freshness and flavor. So break out your favorite rolling tray, fire one up and we'll get this out of the way so you can store your cannabis so that it doesn't degrade.

Let's jump right in.

What Is The Shelf Life of Cannabis?

Cannabis like any agricultural product loses its nutrients value and potency.
According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, cannabis loses its THC the longer it sits in storage.

Now I know you are wondering - how long can I store my cannabis before it starts losing potency, right?

Well, know this.

After one year of storage, your Cannabis loses its potency(THC) by 16.6%, and by two years of storage, it loses its potency by 26.8%. By the fourth year, the THC concentration of your stored cannabis is reduced by 41.4%.

Although exposure to heat and light and abundant oxygen may quicken the process, well-cured Cannabis can maintain its potency for six months.

I know it's disheartening to know that your cannabis can expire.

But hey, look on the bright side.

Now that you know how long your Cannabis can stay potent, you can learn how to extend the shelf-life of your cannabis by employing the right storage methods.

We'll walk you through it.

What's The Best Humidity For Cannabis Storage?

There are many conditions to consider while storing your cannabis. Humidity is one of them. Humidity can make or destroy your stash, so it's best to know what it is, so you have an idea of how to store cannabis.

Simply put, relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air.

Here's why it matters.

Storing your Cannabis in a dry and moisture-free container isn't just necessary but important to maintain the freshness of your stash.

This is why it is best to keep the moisture low in your storage containers. This helps maintain the flavor and potency. Store your Cannabis between 55-65% relative humidity to prevent molds and mildew contamination.

More than this, an optimum humidity ensures that your cannabis doesn't dry out, become harsh, and lose its flavor.

To double-check your stored Cannabis is getting the optimum relative humidity, watch out for the Terpene aroma given off when you open your glass jar. If you get that aroma, you are sure that your cannabis has maintained its potency and flavor.

What Should I Store Cannabis In?

For starters, keeping your Cannabis in an opaque container prevents direct light from taking(burning up) the valuable compounds in your stash.

Use an airtight glass jar to store. Plastic material may cause sweating and accumulate moisture. Storing your cannabis in a glass jar helps maintain the optimum humidity of your Cannabis - the airtight cover prevents air from getting into your Cannabis unless you open the container.

Also, if you cannot store your Cannabis in an opaque glass jar, you can store your glass jar in a dark place to prevent direct light. While storing your Cannabis in a dark place, try to control the temperature to prevent the build-up of moisture.
Keep the temperature below 70 degrees.

Where Should I Store My Cannabis?

As we've discussed, humidity can cause mold and mildew contamination to your Stash. However, optimum temperature and humidity do wonder at maintaining the freshness and potency of your Cannabis.

The best place to store your cannabis is in a dark cupboard, away from direct light. But make sure to keep your Cannabis dry.

Just in case you are wondering, storing your cannabis in the refrigerator is the worst idea you can have. And storing your cannabis in cheap plastics is probably the same, if not worse.

How To Tell When Cannabis Buds Have Gone Bad

If you don't properly store your cannabis, it may develop mold contamination or may even dry up from excess heat and direct light.

On the other hand, your buds can lose its potency much faster, even before reaching its shelf life. So it's important to store your cannabis properly.

So how can you tell when your cannabis buds have gone bad?

Appearance: When your buds have gone bad, they look bad. If your bud looks strange or doesn't have the visual appeal you've been accustomed to - it's probably gone bad.

Smell: We all know that beautiful cannabis bud smell - that aroma that instantly calms you. That's due to the Terpenes. When Cannabis Buds have gone bad, this aroma disappears. In other cases, it gives off a damp smell.

Touch: Feel your cannabis bud, if it feels moldy and overly moist - it probably has gone bad.

Generally, you can use your taste, feel, and see the changes in your cannabis bud. This is a simple way to find out if your cannabis buds have gone bad. You are probably the best expert at differentiating a good bud from cannabis that has gone bad. You only need to observe your buds.

Other steps to make sure your cannabis stays fresh and dry.

Use humidity control products to help reduce moisture in your glass jar. Simply insert the sachet along with your cannabis and store it in a dark place.
You can also toss in fruit rinds into your glass jar. These fruit rinds rehydrate your buds and add a different flavor to your cannabis.

Store your flowers separate from your other cannabis products.
You can use special cannabis storage pods to store cannabis. These pods help maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels, more than that they prevent the effects of direct light from harming your cannabis bud.


As people become more aware of cannabis and its benefits, technology will inevitably be built around the preservation and storage of cannabis. Currently, there are a few products that ensure that you properly store your stash. And make sure you have a fresh and potent bud every time you want to light up.  Nevertheless, this guide gives you simple ways to properly store cannabis.
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