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Is It Possible To Get High From Smelling Cannabis

Is It Possible To Get High From Smelling Cannabis

Have you ever walked outside the streets and smelled cannabis?

Cannabis is a unique smell that is hard to miss. Once you know how it smells like, you will know how it smells like for a lifetime.

So this is why some people may wonder if you can actually get high from just smelling weed. Mail order weed stores have a great supply of fresh cannabis. The fresher it is, the nicer the buds smell!

Now ask yourself this. Can you get full from smelling food? No, in fact, you may even get more hungry from smelling the savory smells of food.

In this article, we will go over the topic of if you can get high from just smelling weed. Read on to find out the interesting results!

Secondhand Smoke

Smelling secondhand smoke and breathing it in can cause you to have negative health effects.

In fact, my grandfather actually died from lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life.

However, he grew up in an environment that had people smoking around him pretty much all the time.

The answer to the question of ‚Äúis it possible to be high from smelling cannabis‚ÄĚ is that it really depends on many factors.

A study done found that some people do indeed get high from just smelling the THC in cannabis. However, others did not get high from this.

The way to increase your chances to get high off smelling marijuana is by closing yourself in a room with no ventilation.

Examples of places like this can include a car with windows all rolled up, or room with no ventilation at all.

If you really think about it, people who breathe in smoke from a fire can die after an extended amount of time.

In the same way, if you breathe in high amounts of cannabis smell filled with THC for a long time will result in you getting high as well.

If you simply walked past someone smoking cannabis, you may smell a glimpse of marijuana. But this will not be enough for you to get high.

Secondhand Cannabis Smoke Effects

Common effects of secondhand cannabis smoke can include feeling dizzy, having an increase in appetite, and even dry mouth.

But then again, this depends on each person's tolerance to THC. You can reach this article on What is Live Resin as this is a highly potent product. Not everyone may be able to handle it, especially if they are a beginner user of marijuana.

If you have higher tolerance, you can withstand the marijuana products even better and you will need a higher dosage to experience these effects.

Can You Get High From Smelling Cannabis Plants

This is an important question to know, especially if you live around neighbors who may not like the smell.

If you are growing a cannabis garden, you may be wondering about this question yourself.

Since cannabis can give off a strong smell, anyone living in close proximity to it will be able to know its existence.

But the good news for people around you is that it will NOT get them high. However, the smell may still be irritating for those who do not want to smell it in the first place.

Also, THC can only be activated when there is heat that is applied to the marijuana plant. Without this heat, you will just smell the plant itself.

It is like smelling raw meat when it is not cooked. It still smells like meat but it does not smell like cooked meat.


We have now learned how one can potentially get high from smelling cannabis. A closed room with poor ventilation is the biggest factor in getting high off smelling heated cannabis that has been activated by THC.

If you’re worried about getting high from smelling cannabis off the streets, the good news is that it will not get you high. Not one bit.

3 comments on Is It Possible To Get High From Smelling Cannabis
  • Trust me bro
    Trust me bro

    You only get high when you smoke it

    October 25, 2022
  • Peach

    What about at concerts? Does smelling weed that people are smoking around u get u high ?

    September 22, 2022
  • Hhhhhhhhshshshhsjdh

    If someone smoked weed outside and then came inside and you smelled them can you get high from the smell of burnt weed with no smoke ?

    October 13, 2021
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