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Read This To Make Your Cannabis Stash Stay More Fresh

Read This To Make Your Cannabis Stash Stay More Fresh

Everytime we buy something from a grocery store, you would usually look at when a product will expire.

If you are not doing this right now, you could be wasting tons of money in the long run as you could be buying close to expiry date products, meaning you need to make more frequent trips to the grocery store to buy more goods.

For example, if you bought milk that is close to expiry date, you would not be able to make it last for over a week. If you bought bakery goods that will expire in 2 days, you need to finish eating them or it will taste bad.

Similarly, having cannabis that goes stale on you is not a pleasant experience either. You will not get its full potency and the effects will just be less than average.

Cannabis from the best online dispensary Canada will not taste the same if you leave it in storage for 6 months. It is always better to use your cannabis when it is fresh.

It's worth saying a word on the most proficient method to preserve your weed with the goal that it doesn't turn sour. Trust me, there's nothing more terrible than squandered, dried-out weed, particularly when you're coming up short on the material. 

Weed Storage

There are a few ways to make the cannabis that you bought to last longer. One way is simply by buying a good container that can withhold any air to come into contact with your cannabis.

You can also keep this good container away from sunlight to make it last longer. By exposing it to the sun or any light, it will dry out quicker.

Good storage + no sunlight is a good combination for pretty much any other food product that you want to last longer as well. Note: This only applies to products that do not need to be refrigerated.

Another way is by crushing the cannabis strains with a processor. By doing so, it will turn into the kief concentrate, where it can be preserved for a longer period of time.

Like we just discussed, using a glass container would work better than a plastic container. Glass is also more durable and you can reuse it many times for the different kinds of cannabis that you will store in the container. 

Photo by Yash Lucid from Pexels

Mail order weed products will also last longer if you buy from a reputable dispensary. Do your research and read some reviews and you should be golden.

Why buy cheap plastic containers when you can reuse high quality glass ones? It is an investment that will pay for itself, trust me.

The final method to make your cannabis stash stay more fresh is simply by buying what you need.

Yes I know it can be very tempting to buy in bulk to get the savings that dispensaries offer. However, there is really no point to buy more marijuana than you need and end up throwing them away cause you could not finish them.

Cannabis usually has a lifespan of a few months before it starts to lose some potency.

There was one time where I bought many boxes of cream from my aunt’s pharmacy store. I got so many because I had received a discount from my aunt. Three years later and I barely finished the first box of cream.. Had to throw the rest out. What a waste!


Don’t get too stressed on what ways you can do to lengthen the cannabis lifespan that you have. Like any food, all things expire.

Just learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

It is also ideal to plan ahead and get the necessary supplies to store your cannabis. So you can get started on doing it the right way once you buy your favorite cannabis strains.

While buying what you need is a good idea, having a supply of cannabis close to you at all times is nice to have.

Feeling like smoking it up in the middle of the night? Your cannabis stash will come in handy. Even with dispensaries offering free shipping, it is unrealistic to expect them to ship it to you within an hour or two, especially at midnight.

Did you learn anything new? Let us know in the comments! 


Written By: Tammy Taylor

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  • Thor

    Does this mean y’all will be coming out with a glass jar?! Or did you drop one already and I missed it?

    April 19, 2021
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    April 19, 2021
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    Wayne Neal

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