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Should there be a Legal Limit of THC when Driving? Michigan Says No

By Dalton Rosario

“Levels of THC in a person's blood are not a 'reliable indicator' of whether they are impaired.”
The Impaired Driving Safety Commission of Michigan


Long Story Short. Michigan’s state commission recommended that a legal limit of THC should not be used to gauge sobriety behind the wheel.   


Gimme the Juice! Countless studies have referenced that operating a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis is not advised due to its impairment on one’s reaction time. But despite these findings, the state of Michigan’s Commission on Impaired Driving Safety states otherwise. In fact, they have gathered no conclusive evidence correlating THC in one’s system with deficiencies in driving. Therefore, their official recommendation to state lawmakers is to set no legal limits to differentiate driving while under the influence of cannabis. 


So What’s the Bottom Line? Michigan law still maintains a zero tolerance policy for impaired driving - being under the influence of cannabis makes no difference. As it stands, the commission is continuing to advocate for standardized roadside sobriety tests to determine whether or not a driver can safely operate a vehicle.        


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