What Is The Ideal Temperature For Dabbing?

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Dabbing?

Do you still get confused about what temperature to use when you dab? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many Cannabis users face the same dilemma time and again.

Dabs are the Cannabis concentrates or extract, and the process of their consumption is called dabbing. However, only doing it at the right temperature can maximize your smoking experience.

Dabbing is a widespread method of Cannabis consumption in the US. According to a 2018 US web-based survey, 58% of the 4077 respondents said they had tried dabbing once, and 36.5% said they were regular users.

But it's nothing new. It has been prevalent for at least a decade now.

With more unique extraction methods and high-end accessories, cannabis concentrates have increased, bringing dabbing’s popularity to light.

A Quick Guide To Ideal Dabbing Temperatures

Dabbing at the right temperature is essential if you want to enhance your smoking experience. However, very few dab users know that you can save many of your concentrates and taste more of the terpenes by controlling the temperature of e-nail or vape.

You can adjust your e-nail or vaporizer temperature based on a few factors. These include the amount of vapor you wish to consume, the cannabis concentrate type, and the type of materials you use to consume the concentrate.

An appropriate temperature for dabbing is considered to be between 500-700 °F. However, getting it right is another story altogether.

The main difference between dabbing at low and high temperatures is the harshness and strength you are hit with. Higher temperatures will give you more vapor, but lower temperatures offer more flavor by preserving the terpenes.

Low-temperature dabs are meant to give a prolonged effect. It is believed that the entourage effect from consuming terpenes and Cannabinoids can get lost at higher temperatures. On the other hand, high-temperature dabs are meant to give dense vapors and a more intense effect.

Why Low Dabbing Temperatures Are The Best? 

Dabbing at lower temperatures lets the vaporization of your concentrates to be even and effective. Lower temperatures also ensure that any unwanted compounds that can form at higher temperatures do not enter. This makes dabbing safer for users.

A burn in your lungs and throat isn’t the only unpleasant aspect of the high temperatures. Scientific results by recent studies on intoxicants and dabbing show the impact on terpenes and their decomposition. The research also shows how dabbing can produce huge amounts of toxic degradation to the user. Another cause of concern was how terpene could oxidize when heated.

Further research showed that benzene gas is released at 930 °F. The study discovered that higher temperatures make it easier for harmful chemicals to be ingested. You can easily avoid such potential threats by buying a terp timer online.

Most cannabinoids can be enjoyed at temperatures lower than 400°F. THC activates around 315 °F while CBD’s boiling point is about 320-356 °F. Hence, there is no fundamental reason that makes it essential for you to dab at higher temperatures.

How To Get Your Dabbing Temperature Right?

While you may know what the right temperature is for dabbing – getting it right is extremely difficult. This is where knowing the best way to use a terp timer can come handy.

For instance, rosin or live resin is recommended to be heated at 550 - 580°F — you can ensure that this range never surpasses with a Terp Timer.

To put it simply, terp timers are temperature measuring devices that allow you to achieve the perfect dabbing temperature by just dialing it in when you are concentrating your cannabis. Once it reaches the temperature, a ‘beep’ sound allows you stop in time.

The result? A perfectly heated dab, every time.

Wrapping It Up

Dabbing at an appropriate temperature is meant to give you your desired smoking experience.

Having read about ideal dabbing temperatures and why low temperatures are ideal, we hope it will be easier for you to decide what temperature you’ll be dabbing at next.

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I guess I could use an infrared thermometer…I did not know about the low temps!!! As a chef, I suspected as much..but only recently started dabbing with a rig…wow!!! Cold dab hit..omfg… Ummm what was I saying? 😂😂😂😂😂 Awesome article!! I’m higher than astronaut farts💨💨💨


Me and some buddy’s back in the day always set the vape to 420 but that was for dry herb damn I never knew concentrates used such high temperatures


Vary interesting I’m going to research a terp timer n probly got one


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