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What Size Humidity Pack Should I Use For My Weed?

What Size Humidity Pack Should I Use For My Weed?

Buying weed for recreational or medicinal purposes isn’t cheap. It’s quite expensive for most people. You must know how to store it correctly since it is so expensive. 

If it gets too dry, it will vape or burn up more quickly. If it is kept too moist, it won’t vape or smoke fast or well enough. Keeping your weed at just the right temperature and storing it just the right way will keep it in perfect condition and ready to vape when you want it.

How Does Humidity Affect Weed?

One of the bad things about weed being too wet is that it can get moldy. This is something you don’t want. Most people realize that mold spores are everywhere and it is difficult to avoid them completely. 

However, if you have cannabis and it gets moldy because you got it wet or it has been stored improperly, it can get moldy. When you vape or smoke it, you could be inhaling thousands of mold spores.

These spores contain metabolic toxins and they can have a very bad effect on your immune system and lungs. Marijuana can contain a mold called Aspergillus and it is fairly common, but if you give it any chance at all, it can grow quickly. 

If your weed gets mold on it you will need to kill it before you vape or smoke it. You can do this by exposing it to dehumidifying it, exposing it to UV, or sunlight. Humidity is pretty simple to deal with as far as storage of flower compared to humidity issues while growing cannabis.

What Happens When Weed Gets Too Dry?

Other than your weed getting too moist being a problem, it can also become too dry. If the humidity levels of your weed become too low, then it can affect the terpenes and cannabinoids. 

The aroma and the flavor of your weed are connected to the terpenes as well as some medicinal benefits. The cannabinoids are mostly associated with the highs that you get. Cannabis trichomes house the terpenes and cannabinoids and overtime they can break down. 

When this happens, you won’t get a great fragrant smell from your weed, you could lose medicinal benefits, and even it’s potency can be affected.

What Are Humidity Packs

Humidity packs are used in closed containers to help keep the relative humidity (RH) at a controlled range. 

The range for relative humidity for storing weed is 59% to 63%, though some will go as low as 54%. and some will go higher than 63%. Humidity packs are small pouches that contain a mix of water and salts. 

When a 2-way humidity pack is placed in a container along with weed, it can either remove too much humidity or release humidity from the pack depending on what the humidity level is in the container and weed. 

Not all humidity packs can absorb and release humidity. Some packs will only do one or the other.

Keeping the humidity level at a constant level in your weed will make it retain all of its goodness and prevent it from becoming moldy or too dry. 

It just makes good sense to use humidity packs when storing your weed than simply keeping the weed in a plastic bag the way people always did in years past. 

Before, most people didn’t pay much attention to how their weed was stored, but today most cannabis users realize that proper storage is essential.

Best Container For Weed Storage

The container you store your herb in can also play a crucial part in how long it lasts. If you only have a small amount of weed, then keeping it in a wooden box or metal container can work great for short term storage. 

You can use a humidity pack in either of these options to help protect your herb. Many people like to use a mason jar with a tight-fitting lid for their weed storage. You can use a humidity pack with this container as well. If you are curing freshly cut cannabis, a glass jar is recommended.

There are a lot of fancy containers available online or at head shops. Some of the containers you can purchase are specially designed for weed storage. Some can block out harmful UV light. 

Some containers are smell-proof. Some containers can be zipper bags that are smell proof, while others are jars or boxes. Humidity packs can be used with most any of these options.

Best Temperature For Storing Weed

Since too much humidity is one of the biggest enemies for cannabis, it only makes sense that you want to store it in a cooler, drier place than a hot, moist place. 

A breeding ground for mold in cannabis are temperatures between 77° and 86° F or higher. The best temperature range to store your weed safely is between 32° and 68° F. Cooler air holds less moisture.

Some people think that freezing their cannabis is a good idea, but it’s not if you vape or smoke it. The curing process for cannabis lasts a least several days after harvesting. As the herb sits, it continues to decarboxylate. This process transfers THC-A into the psychoactive THC that helps you get high. 

Freezing the herb can slow down or completely stop this process. Freezing can also cause the trichomes of the plant to freeze and fall off. This can reduce the potency of the weed too.

Choosing A Humidity Pack

Now that the importance of correct humidity for storing weed has become so important, using a humidity pack is essential for maintaining correct RH levels. 

Humidity packs come in several different humidity strengths and sizes. If the amount of herb you have is small and the container you keep it in is small, then you would use a small size pack. 

The more weed you are storing and the larger the container is, you will need a larger pack. A humidity pack being used in an airtight container to keep your weed protected will generally last for 2-4 months. After this, if the pack may become hard and dry and will need to be replaced.

6 comments on What Size Humidity Pack Should I Use For My Weed?
  • Adam

    Is it harmful for the cannabis is you only could find large humidity packs for an eighth or more and you have a smaller amount and smaller container?

    January 16, 2023
  • Craig

    Where can I buy the humidity packs?

    November 24, 2021
  • KK

    When you are shopping for moisture packs and I suggest online it is easier to compare prices and save time, the moisture packs should tell you for their size how much marijuana they can refresh and also READ the instructions I’ve seen ones that you need to soak the pack for it to work and others that you don’t.

    November 08, 2021
  • Keith Blessitt
    Keith Blessitt

    What size humidity pack should I use for half gallon mason jars Iam rookie at this any help is much appreciated

    October 19, 2021
  • Gary D Richard
    Gary D Richard

    Could you tell me what pack I should use for 1 quart mason jars. Thanks

    August 31, 2021
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