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Why You Should Try Weed Before You Die

Why You Should Try Weed Before You Die

If you’re on the fence of smoking for the first time, or eating an edible, or even vaping, you’ve come to find out if weed is even worth it and why.

The most basic reason for you to try weed is because there is no good answer for the question of why not. Weed is legal in a ton of places, mostly accessible, and has tons of benefits that you don’t get from other places.

We’ve known that cannabis acts as a kind of cure all since the early days of hemp production. That’s why it was a constant ingredient in medicines and oils before it was criminalized. Weed can help treat depression, lower your risk of diabetes and high cholesterol, and is used as a natural sleep aid. Not only that, but multiple studies have shown that weed helps people with chronic pain.

If you are healthy, there are plenty of other reason you should try smoking as well. Weed can help spark creativity, allowing you to connect ideas that you wouldn’t think of while not high. The stereotypical munchies associated with stoners happens because THC heightens your senses of smell and taste, making things that much better.

Unless you are allergic, there really is no reason to not smoke weed. It’s natural, gives plenty of benefits, and can be fun. It is a hard decision to make, but we’d highly recommend a toke, even if it is just for the experience.

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