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Know your strains - Indica, Sativa, I/S

Know your strains - Indica, Sativa, I/S

If you are just starting your weed journey or you’ve been smoking the same thing for 20 years, it is nice to know the differences in what you have available to you in the weed world. Since there are so many strains out there, we’re lucky to have weed classified into three categories; Indicas, Sativas, ad Hybrids.

Indicas are a much more chill high. These are the best strains for nighttime use. You’re more likely to experience a body high. This makes you more relaxed, but this is the strain that gives you the munchies. If you have trouble sleeping or have pains, Indicas are your friend. Popular strains of Indica are Northern Lights, Blueberry, and Purple Kush.

Sativas on the other hand are more of a euphoric head high that is best for daytime use. These weed strains boost alertness, energy, and creativity. If you have a friend that smokes before work every day, I can almost guarantee they are smoking a Sativa strain. Popular strains of Sativa are Sour Diesel, Maui Wowie, Purple Haze, and Cherry AK.

Lastly, we have hybrids, which offer a mix of benefits found in Indicas and Sativas, taking the best from each side and making something great. Hybrids can give you relaxation without completely knocking you out like an Indica. Hybrids also deliver full-body pain relief and create a balance of mind and body. Popular strains are Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, and Headband.

If you have a favorite strain, let us know in the comments!

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  • sour deisel
    sour deisel

    Thank you for sharing such useful information.

    April 19, 2021
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