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Happy Mother's Day. It's Time To Smoke With Your Parents!

Happy Mother's Day. It's Time To Smoke With Your Parents!

If we’ve learned anything from recent stoner movies and people like Koala Puffs, it is that smoking with your parents can be a fun and enriching experience. Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to smoking with your parents, but it is an experience you should try. You can light up as a special event or a Mother’s Day present.

Starting with the negative side of smoking with a parent, there is a lot of stigma and awkwardness to smoking weed with a parent. If you grew up in a particularly strict home where weed was demonized, that is going to be an issue as there is an inherent fear. If you don’t have the best relationship, or you are the type that becomes extremely loose-lipped or very honest, it can create some weird living situations if you say the wrong thing. Being paranoid around your parents is also a common issue that many talk about.

While the negatives seem overbearing, the positives greatly outweigh them. A more open, honest relationship starts with sharing hobbies, which includes smoking weed. Even if you are a loose-lipped person while high, that could be the moment you need to speak earnestly with your parent. At the moment, they aren’t just your parents. They become more like friends, and while this is normally a distinction that needs to be followed, it is sometimes necessary to break down those walls.

Smoking with your parents can be a fun experience, but it is entirely dependant on you and your relationship. If you want to bond and have honest conversations, then maybe it is time to try, especially as weed becomes legal in more places.

After all, if you’ll share a beer or a glass of wine with them, why not smoke a joint too?

1 comment on Happy Mother's Day. It's Time To Smoke With Your Parents!
  • Monica Mangreum
    Monica Mangreum

    Both my Parents have Pasted, but I think that would have been an interesting experience!

    June 04, 2020
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