Will Medical Cannabis & CBD for Pets be the Next Legal Hurdle in 2019?

Cannabis for Pets

By Dalton Rosario

“It’s a Wild West... There’s not a lot of science behind it. That’s what we’re up against right now.”

Susan Curtis, Executive Director of Massachusetts’ Medical Association 

Long Story Short. The pet market is the largest growing niche within the CBD Market for states that have legalized cannabis.


Gimme the Juice! Particularly in Massachusetts, Veterinarians are reporting increasingly more cases of pet-owners giving cannabis-derived products to their pets to treat their ailments. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Veterinarians and pet-owners are in favor of medication that mitigates pain in animals; however, Massachusetts law strictly enforces punishable offensives for licensed vets that recommended cannabis to a pet that experiences adverse side effects.    


So What’s the Bottom Line? Veterinarians confirm from pet-owners that cannabis and CBD derivatives work wonders for pets with a myriad of health conditions. But without the proper scientific research to back these claims, even though Vets are doing what is morally right to reduce pain in these animals, they are still unlawfully recommending medications that they can and will be held accountable for under state law.     


click here to read more: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/marijuana/2019/03/28/more-people-are-treating-their-pets-with-marijuana-and-veterinarians-aren-sure-quite-how-handle/lZXlrHE2mQTFiR4BuhpBQK/story.html


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  • Aretha Morce

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