By Dalton Rosario 

Here we are presented with a classic point of contention as old as Time. Do the very terpenes and trichomes which give our favorite strands it’s unique qualities of aroma, flavor and THC/CBD potency act against us in clouding our head with anxiety? - Or do they work with us in clearing our mind of stress. Opposing testimonies and opinions on this matter are split down the aisle in as much as the implications for the outcome of Dr. Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. But a short search on confirms the horticulture literature. Terpenes like Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene and Alpha-Pinene are specifically profiled and sought after in strands like Granddaddy Purple, Cannatonic, White Fire OG and ACDC for the very purpose of relieving anxiety, stress and related bouts of insomnia and depression. So if the science is sound then why do objections arise?

To begin with, tolerance is crucial when considering the context for cannabis causing or curing stress related feels. For those who are unaware and unprepared, a large dose of THC can tear someone right out of their element. Some may advise to counteract this reaction by incrementally increasing consumption as a means of getting over those tingling altitude jitters. But the irony is that an increase in frequency of use leads to an increase in estrogen intake which can be associated with self-limiting thoughts and negatively impacting beliefs of fear, worry and doubt about one’s capabilities, self-image and surroundings.

A widely debated cultural movement emerging from this ongoing discourse is that medicinal cannabis can replace benzodiazepines - prescribed anti anxiety sedatives - like Xanax, Klonopin, Valium and Ativan, as the golden standard for a greener alternative. What makes this rising viewpoint appealing in the eyes of an educated consumer base is the constant confrontation of horrific details from opioid abuse across our country featured in mainstream media. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (, over 115 Americans lose their lives daily to opioid overdose. Over one-third of those fatalities are directly related to benzodiazepine abuse. And although currently deemed safe for medicinal use as a Schedule IV Drug, its misuse continues to grow astronomically.

As often referenced, cannabis on the other hand is infamously ranked as a Schedule I Drug with the likes of Heroine, LSD and Cocaine. This is determined by the federal government based upon a lack of conventional medical use and “highly addictive attributes which pose a severe risk for public safety.” Even though to date there is no readily accessible research that denotes overwhelming proof for cannabis overdosing with moderate to excessive use, the stigma remains.

But we know better. And we are acting upon it. Illinois State Senator Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, sponsored a bill titled SB 336 to recommend medicinal cannabis as a healthy alternative to opioids late August. This is a historic catalyst and now that the nation is watching, green states throughout the country ought to embrace this principle as a prime example for policy shift. And with our Canadian neighbors up north being the first industrialized country to federally legalize recreational cannabis use this past June, it is plausible within our lifetime to witness a shifting of the tides in favor of cannabis earning its rightful spot as a viable means for anxiety treatment. Whether medical or recreational, progressive legislation and popular opinion agree on one thing. Cannabis is the cure. 

Whether it’s a legitimate concern or a worry for the future, chances are most male cannabis users have thought about the possible correlation between lighting up and developing a certain unwelcome bodily change; man boobs, or moobs as the google search bar so intuitively suggested for me. The clinical name for this phenomenon is gynecomastia and it’s caused when the ratio of testosterone and estrogen is favored by the latter, resulting in excess breast tissue.

At this point in time there isn’t conclusive evidence demonstrating a correlation between marijuana use and man boobs. Animal studies do show that THC, one of marijuana’s active ingredients, lowers testosterone, reduces the size of testicles, and causes abnormalities in sperm. There’s conflicting evidence whether or not these findings apply to human subjects but there are some studies that indicate marijuana users have lower testosterone levels than non-users, and that early use can delay the onset of puberty, confusing natural hormone levels.

The weed-moob theory has been around for years, but due to the illegality of marijuana large-scale, long-term studies just haven’t been possible. With the legalization of pot in recent years it’s likely we’ll soon see more conclusive evidence based on large population sample sizes. And possibly more cases of man boobs. Although we lack statistical data of a direct correlation between marijuana use and the development of man boobs, many physicians and plastic surgeons feel the link is apparent, stating that male breast reduction is on the rise and a majority of recipients self report as weed smokers.

It’s sort of a chicken and egg situation. Does the weed smoking give you man boobs, or do you smoke weed because you have man boobs? Just kidding. If, like many before you have, you find yourself worried that smoking weed is causing or going to give you man boobs, rest assured that there are several actually proven causes of man boobs. Medications including antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, antibiotics, steroids, ulcer medications, and heart medications have been linked to gynecomastia, as well as alcohol and street drug use. Man boobs are also largely linked to various health conditions including natural aging, hyperthyroidism, malnutrition and… wait for it… weight gain. Even herbal products such as tea tree oil and lavender lotion are linked to man boobs. Long story short, I’d wait until there’s conclusive evidence before making the decision to quit your cannabis use solely to avoid man boobs. Perhaps try to imagine the crushing regret of waking up 15 years from now with man boobs anyways, realizing you could have just smoked weed the whole time.


Over the years since our country was founded, there have been a number of movements that the populace has eventually rallied around and fought for. We’ve had our initial fight for freedom against Great Britain. The fight against slavery. The fight for civil rights. More recently, the fight for gay marriage. Each of these moments in American history had its opponents. Sometimes these opponents have attacked other constitutional rights in a balls to the wall effort to carry the day, no matter what freedom is infringed upon.

So it is with the legalization movement. More recently, in the state of Illinois, nearly two years after a decision was reached that medical marijuana users could own firearms, four residents and medical users were told by the state that their firearms licenses would be taken away. The agency sending the letters has spoken out about this and rescinded those letters. It also removed language on its website asking firearm owners if they were medical marijuana card holders. The state police agency responsible for this claims that this was all a mistake. However, Tyler Anthony, with the Canna Law Group states the following,” The opposite is probably true. Even taking their word for it, they shouldn’t be careless with citizens’ constitutional rights, especially when their position lacks any clear legal basis.”

The movement to legalize cannabis has its roots in our constitutional freedoms. It doesn’t surprise anyone that there are those opposing the will of the people in this area who would be willing to usurp other constitutional rights in an effort to win the day, or make sure that Big Pharma continues to be paid. The movement has made significant strides in the past few years, but the incident in Illinois reminds us that the struggle is still ongoing, that some are willing to encroach on our freedoms in other ways to influence final outcomes, and that we need to be vocal and vigilant. We won’t accept anything less than a final and full legalization without any retaliation or penalty elsewhere. Period.


Source- Associated Press, Chicago.

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by: Sara Jane Ghaly, The Stoners Cookbook 

Photo Credit: Bloomburg 

Cannabis cocktails are the latest experiment with cannabis cuisine. This latest craze of infusing alcohol with marijuana is sometimes more than just a process of putting some weed in some wine. It can take anywhere from days to hours to infuse alcohol with wine. The latest commercial crazes with alcohol involve specifically choosing flavors to bring out the taste of the buds.

Although marijuana is legal recreationally in some states in the USA now, we are still some time away from having bud get-togethers at bars and clubs.

If you prefer to replace your alcohol with buds for a healthier alternative, there are also cocktails for you non-drinkers out there. These are bud infused cocktails that have fruity additives and don’t contain any alcohol at all. So that way you can enjoy a healthier alternative to alcohol, and get the medicinal benefits of marijuana, too!


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A new Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans support legalization of recreational marijuna use for the third consecutive year.  A significant majority of Americans have supported legalization of Medical marijuana for many years.  Increasingly, recreational legalization is becoming a mainstream position held by a broad range of advocacy groups and policy makers.  

Influential conservative think tank, the CATO institute, calls legalization a “no-brainer.”  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is currently leading polls in New Hampshire for the Democratic primary, supports ending the national prohibition against marijuana. The newly elected Canadian government is expected to legalize recreational use federally in the next two years.

Support is not universal, to be certain. The White House still strongly opposes recreational legalization.  Out of the 14 major players in the current US presidential election, 6 are staunchly opposed, 7 remain unclear, and only 1 has professed reticent support.  For the candidates with undecided views on legalization, they largely suggest a “wait and see” approach observing how Colorado and Washington fare.  After two years, recent polls show continued majority support in Colorado where legalization measures have passed (not to mention an additional 70 Million in tax revenue - nearly twice that of alcohol).  The momentum, it would appear, is building in favor of legalization.

thanksgiving 2015

Lately I’ve been scanning different social media feeds and blog posts to get an idea of how people see Thanksgiving and their role in it. It’s easy to get used to business as usual around the holidays. I can get cynical and stress myself out. This year, I am trying to find ways to center myself, renew my focus and just basically chill out.

It can be hard to do. When I realize I’m heading down that pathway of busyness and over achieving, I have to force myself to stop, slow down and consider things from a different point of view.

I often let my mind wander into what it will look like around a Thanksgiving table in the future when we are all freed from cannabis prohibition and able to naturally calm ourselves and enjoy our moments and daily rituals, fear free.

I’m looking forward to getting together with the family and passing around the Fogpen while we cook turkey and laugh in the kitchen. After dinner, I’m sure I will be watching my master-mind joint rolling brother use the Stashtray and roll a joint with one hand. I realize people experience different things within their daily rituals, but one thing that has always impressed me about cannabis is its ability to help me slow down and appreciate things that I’ve missed daily. As busy as my life gets, as all of our lives get, I can easily long for those days and get impatient with where the legalization movement is today so everyone can enjoy this.

This year, I’ve decided to stop, slow down and take stock of where the movement is, and consider the strides that have been made, some of them surprising. When I consider the progress in Washington DC (we knew that was coming…no way anyone can work in the Congress of the United States and not need to light up daily). Or the progress in the Pacific Northwest, or the surprising support in some places in Texas, or Georgia. I read stories out of Colorado daily, and follow the news there constantly.

It’s taken a long time for us to get where we are. New people are joining the movement daily and letting their voices be heard. The flood of voices on social media outlets only grows week to week.

So, I guess I’ve started to realize that this year, I can be thankful for more than just the typical hallmark moments. Though it has had a frustrating history, I’m thankful for where the movement is today. I’m thankful for where it’s been and where it’s going. I’m thankful for the support I see in state houses nationwide and the growing support on Capitol Hill. I’m thankful that cannabis helps me to slow down and relax. I’m going to take these notions into our family thanksgiving feast this year, slow down, and dream toward the future.

Then, after the tryptophan has weaned its way through my system and I’m back to being stressed and over achieving, I’m going to quit my dreaming and get back to work. Because this isn’t over until we have our full freedom, rights restored, and we can move on the way that we were made to.


  best vape penbest rolling tray4 chamber grinder

 A lot of people often live their lives in one place and wishing they were in another. Perhaps we’ve all experienced it. We go to work, do said work, drive home, briefly see our families, sleep, then do it all over again the next day. And the next. And the next. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.

 We know what it’s like to try to stop and take hold of moments that are passing by whether or not we’re ready for their departure. We’ve all sat at a desk, wishing we could get away, even for just a few moments. For cannabis users, that’s part of why smoking endures. And has for centuries.

vape, vape pen, cbd, vaporizer, zen, escape

 Cannabis helps so, so many to slow down, rest and be at peace, even if for just a few moments. And it’s not just the college students that are partaking and creating new rituals. It’s moms, dads, front desk employees, CEO’s, scientists and probably only God knows how many elected representatives!

 But for far too many, the risks that come with being known or being seen with weed make the prospect of smoking when they would like to and unlikely probability.

 The Fogpen helps with this. Designed to look like a well-balanced and elegant writing instrument, it allows you to discreetly vape or quickly smoke on the go, day in and day out. For those who need a shot in the arm daily, or hourly, the Fogpen makes it possible. It allows us to experience our freedoms in a manner and time of our choosing, not another’s. And for anyone concerned about appearances,( aren’t we all ) this item is nicely and elegantly camouflaged as an everyday office tool.

 So don’t worry. Be happy, as the song says. Enjoy your days. Find your own “Zen moment”, and let the worries and cares wash away and out of your mind, even if for only a little while.


As our friends over at Lifted View pointed out this week, the 5 year suspension for Nick Diaz for using marijuana is an absolute embarrassment.  It was pretty amazing to see an athlete as respected and with as much to lose as Ronda Rousey go ballistic about the NSAC decision and speak her mind.

Nick, Anytime you want a Stashtray or some Fogpens,  just let us know!